Want to eat healthy on a low budget?

Want to eat healthy on a low budget?
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The present economy is such that at times we all have to manage with the tight budget. We look for ways to cut-down on our food expenses. But at the same time we want to enjoy tasty meals. At such a point, healthy food planning may come across as a huge challenge.

Are you dedicated to healthy eating? Don’t worry then, you can overcome this challenge as well. Eating healthy does not always mean that you have to spend a heavy price for that. It is quite possible to choose healthy options without costing much. You just need to follow some money saving tricks and use your creativity and imagination. Smart choices can save money. With correct tips and some planning, you can enjoy not only healthy but also delicious food.

If you want to stay healthy and looking for affordable ways, here are some tips for you. These tips are budget-friendly and won’t be heavy on your purse. They will make you feel easy!

1. Shop intelligently

The only place from where you can buy food is not the usual grocery store in a nearby local market. There are many other options available that offer cheaper food. Hunt for such markets. It will help you save a lot. Apart from that stick to the list of items you want to buy and don’t be tempted by other things. Planning is the best way to shop smart.


2. Compare prices

The lowest price is not always the best price. Compare the unit price of different items. It will help you choose the product with the best value.

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3. Buy fresh items and freeze them

It’s best to buy fruits and vegetables when it’s their season. During season the price is cheap and the produce is at its best flavor and is highly nutritious. For example, the best time to purchase oranges and tangerines is January. So it’s the perfect time to get hold of your vitamin C sources at lesser prices. What more do you want.


4. Look for discounts and sales!

Consider shopping at stores which give discounts. Wherever you choose to buy, have a quick glance at the newspaper to know the deals. This is the best time to stock up the affordable items. Purchase whole grains and spices in bulk and stock up on reasonable items in your freezer.

5. Plan your meals in advance

Whether it’s today’s breakfast, tomorrow’s dinner or the week’s veggies, preparing in advance is one of the best ways of eating healthy. At the same time you will be aware of what is there in your fridge, thus minimizing wastage.

6. Cook in large portions

Cook once and munch it several times. Prepare a large bowl of soup at the beginning of the day. When you are not in a mood to cook, help yourself with the bowl of soup and some salad. This makes for not only a low-cost but also a nutritious diet anytime.

7. Dessert can be healthy and reasonable

All of us love sweets. Therefore you should know how to include mouthwatering and healthy yet inexpensive desserts in your meals. Instead of buying cookies and pastries, go for fresh fruits after a meal. You can also prepare healthy desserts on your own such as yogurt, juice popsicles and smoothies.

8. Be innovative with items in your refrigerator

At times the leftover food or the weirdest ingredients can taste wonderful when blended with some salt and spices. Or just toss your favourite veggies with some whole grain – your healthy dinner is ready.

9. Buy canned or frozen fruits and vegetables

Buying frozen or canned fruits and vegetables when out of season is a great option to save money. Canned items also have a longer shelf-life, so you can be bought in bulk.


10. Look for cheaper protein alternatives

Looking for affordable protein options is one of most efficient ways to save money. Make few adjustments in your diet or look for alternatives. Beans are rich in proteins and also inexpensive. You can also go in for canned chicken for salads and sandwiches.

With slight planning and consideration, it is possible to eat healthy even with a tight budget. You can save money without sacrificing on the quality. So many things have been said about weight-loss that it has become difficult to find out what’s true and what’s not. So say goodbye to junk food! Can you suggest tips for eating healthy on a low budget? Share your views.



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  • Hi Sonal,

    Very nice post. I will surely consider your tips while shopping for healthy foods.

  • You have done iya again!! I liked that vitamin c example which makes so much sense to me now. Thanks

    • Author

      Hi Mayank
      Thanks for appreciating it. You can also share your views, tips and suggestions

  • Hy Sonal

    Thanks for providing great tips A foodie person like would definitely like to implement them and go in for weight loss

    • Author

      Hi Trupti
      Nice to hear from you that you liked the tips. These tips have a double benefit…you will not only eat healthy and stay fit but also you wont be spending much on it. All within a low budget. So eat healthy and stay fit n fine!
      Keep writing in

  • Very interesting and useful tips sonal…I am sure they are going to be benefitial for health as well pocket…

    • Author

      Hi Swati
      I hope it benefits all. These tips are useful for those who want to eat healthy but have a tight budget.

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