Debunking weight-loss myths

Debunking weight-loss myths
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In the present scenario, whether a boy or a girl, every individual is conscious about his or her looks and appearance. They are influenced by the celebrities and want to attain a perfect figure or a fab body like them. For this they are ready to do anything and everything. For some of you it might be a daily struggle that continues for months, years and even decades. So, most of your time and energy goes into this struggle. But have you ever wondered that why even after working out for hours of following a crash diet, you don’t lose weight? The reason is your myths and your mistakes.

You might probably think that the best way to lose weight is to hit a gym and work out for hours. Well you are wrong! Shocked to hear this? Most of you will be. So many things have been said about weight-loss that it has become difficult to find out what’s true and what’s not.

If you are looking for a fast and simple solution to lose weight, well, well think again. “The biggest misconception is that doing something in the short term will have long-term results,” says Elaine Magee, the health expert. To know whether your misconceptions are holding you back or not, read on and distinguish facts from myths. It will help you know what really works for you and what doesn’t.

Myth 1

1This is the biggest myth. If you go for crash diets and lose weight fast, the result will be short-lived. In fact finally when you start eating high-fat foods again, you will end up gaining more weight. These short-cut methods will make it difficult for you in the long run, to keep away with those extra pounds. So if you are tempted to go for a fast-weight-loss fad diet and do away with all the efforts of losing weight, keep that in mind that the results won’t last long.

Myth 2

2Absolutely not! Just by making small changes in your daily life and sticking to them you can lose weight successfully. This can be achieved by incorporating standard physical movements into your daily routine.

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According to the experts you can improve your health and control your weight by giving up the sedentary habits. Replace them with activities that engage your body in movement. Anything that involves body movement- from running to cleaning the house- counts.

Myth 3

3This is one of the biggest misconceptions that if you skip meals you can save calories. Skipping meals can result in gaining weight instead of losing. It will actually lead to increase in body fat.  To lose weight and maintain it, what really is required of you is to reduce the quantity of calories you consume. The other way is to burn more calories by exercise. But fewer meals can cause in poor nutrition. Whether you believe it or not, the most efficient way to lose weight is to eat numerous small meals rather than two bulky meals.

 Myth 4

4If you cut down your fat consumption you can reduce your calorie intake also. Nevertheless, just because a food is labeled “low fat” it does not mean that it’s low in calories. In fact the fat which is removed is replaced with high quantity of sugar which in turn leads to more calorie intake. As a result you end up gaining weight instead of losing it.

So while keeping a watch over fat can be helpful for your health and an easy way to do away with excess calories, you must also keep a count of calories you munch at the same time.

 Myth 5

5Extremely taxing exercises can be counterproductive! Excessive exercise will increase the levels of cortisol and various stress hormones in your body. Stress leads to increasing weight. Healthy exercises such as brisk walking or jogging or yoga will help you control weight. You need not spend hours exercising – giving in 10 to 15 minute every now and then between work or during lunch can work wonders.

Myth 6

6It is not the snacks but the kind of snacks you choose to eat can be a problem while trying to lose weight. If you have an active lifestyle you might be used to munching in-between meals. If you don’t want to give up your favorite snacks, just reduce the quantity. Or better think of substitution. The best way is to replace your chips and chocolates with fruits.

Myth 7

7One of the myths that occupy almost every mind is that if you eat food rich in carbohydrates or fat you will gain weight. The fact is that if the carbohydrates are consumed in right quantities, they will not affect the body. The healthy fats not only support your immune system but also increase your metabolism.

So now you must be clear about whether you are on the right track or not. Now, just stop popping those pills and working out for hours or following numerous weight loss schemes that you come across every day. Clear all your doubts and keep yourself well informed so that you can steer your way through the unending advice related to weight loss.

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  • Awesome begining with such useful info. I certainly gained from it (knowledge and not weight). Keep the good work up. Will look forward from you.

  • Hello Madam,

    Thanks for these myths. I have a few of questions to ask. You haven’t mentioned about the impact of weight gain on sexual health and Desires. I am in my thirties, and I have been married for 2 years now. Me and my husband are little overweight. Recently I have heard that it has bad impact on sexual desires and sexual health in long run.

    I want some clarity. I read your blog posts and I am very impressed with these. That is why I am considering you as an expert. Please tell me in detail. Thank you.

    • Author

      Hi Riya

      Thanks for writing in. Well my post was not on the impact of weight gain but on weight-loss myths. But still let me answer your question. Well if you and your husband are just little overweight, it won’t affect your sexual life. But in the long run be careful not to put on more weight and get into the category of obesity. Obesity affects the sexual life. So for now don’t worry and try to lose weight – the easiest way is to go for a brisk walk daily. It will not only help you lose weight but also increase your stamina. Relax! Enjoy your sexual life with your husband. All the beat!

      • Thank you for clarification, Mam. I am happy to know that it won’t affect the sexual desires. Actually, I noticed that he has comparatively lesser interest than how much I desire for it. My needs are more, and that is the reason I felt that may be the weight can cause the issue as I have read on several articles.

        I would like you to write an article about healthy habits for enjoying sexual life. plaese send me link whenever you publish this post.

        Thank you very much mam.

        • Author

          Hi Riya
          There are many ways to develop interests. Am sure you can do that. And thanks for the suggestion…will defntly publish an article on topic suggested by you.

          • Awesome. I would love to know the expert advice on it. Can you tell me some of the ways to develop more interest?

            Thank you for accepting my suggest of the article.

            Thank so much mam.

          • Author

            Hi Riya

            I guess Atish has almost said everything that I wanted to. Something that I would like to add is that indulge your husband in romantic talks and plan romantic dates with him. Try spending more time alone and get intimate. If he seems disinterested…better take the lead. It’s the 21st century where you can initiate and take the first step to fulfill your sexual desires. And yes to keep the stamina high…eat healthy. For this you can read my article

          • Thank you Mam.

            I will keep these tips in Mind. and I am sure these are going to help me.

        • Hi Everyone,

          First of all, a very nice post, Sonal. I found this post link on Twitter.

          I loved the conversation in the comments and also happy to see that everyone is helping Riya to get her confusions cleared.

          Riya – Like everybody on this page, I am not an expert but I am also a married lady. I got married 5 years back and I had great sex life for 2 years. But after that, my husband got very busy with his business. He has so many meetings out of town. You won’t believe that I had to wait even for months to get intimate with him due to work pressure.

          After some time, we had got some time to spend together but we have faced issues of ED a few times. We haven’t taken it in a negative way and consulted a sexologist and the problem got solved.
          We are enjoying our life again though we get comparatively lesser time nowadays but whenever we get the chance we make it hilarious.

          As per my experience, I like to advise you to try different sexual positions because it creates joy. While having sex, don’t try to do fast and get discharged quickly rather try to start slowly and end it super fast.

          For prolonged intercourse, take small breaks in between the intercourse. I mean stop pushing into the middle and start kissing each other, touch and lick other body parts. Then start again. Then again after a few minutes take a small break and involve yourself in kissing and hugging, touching each others genitals, etc.

          A few dirty but pleasurable tips:
          – Talk dirty to each other while having sex.
          – Try anal sex. Nothing more pleasurable than this.
          – Watch Porn together sometimes.
          – Intimate your man by wearing sexy dress and giving sexy expressions.
          These small things may help you well. All I have shared is based on my personal experience.

          Sonal – Looks like a new blog you have here. Congratulations. Hope my answers are fine. If it doesn’t look good, you can trash it. I just wanted to give some tips to Riya.

          • Author

            Hi Maria

            Thanks for appreciating my post. Yes it is a new blog. You have come up with really good tips and I hope Riya follows them. Thanks for being a part of the discussion and sharing your experience. Will look forward to hear more from you. Do read my another post and share your views

          • Hello Maria mam.

            Thank you so much for all the tips you have given. These are so practical.

            I liked the dirty tips of yours. I had tried wearing sexy dresses and watching porn together and yes they work well.
            But I have never tried talking dirty and anal. I would love to apply these as well. My husband insisted many times for anal sex but It’s me who is frightened of it because once when we are very newly married, we did try out to do and as long as he pushed his penis, I started to feel so much pain so we left in the middle and since then never tried. Do you have some tips to do it in way that lowers pain factor?

          • Riya,

            One thing you should remember that before you go for it. You must be well prepared to have it, and the pain factor will reduce for sure. You can use lubricants to help you with it. Thanks

          • Thank you so much, Atish.

            You guys have solved almost all my queries. Thank you so much.

          • Sonal Mam,

            I have read and commented as well. It is good. I was waiting for the topic I have suggested. When you will publish that?

          • Author

            Hi Riya
            Will soon write a post on your suggested topic.

    • Riya,

      Good conversation you have started out here. I am very impressed with Sonal’s reply to your question.

      I would like to add, that being overweight is not a problem either for you and your husband, but it can cause you get tired quickly and may not enjoy prolonged sexual intercourse.

      Thanks that you stopped by.

      • Thanks very much Atish Ranjan. You have said the right thing. That is what I have been noticing from a few days. I am worried because of it because I want to enjoy my married life so much.

        Can you give me some tips that can help me out?

        • Hello Riya,

          I am not an expert though I can suggest a few things to you. The very first thing, that you just forget about these weight-gain problem things. Anxiety can affect your sex life so first thing just forget thinking about it. Talk to your husband and discuss your desires and needs. Discuss more on how you guys can spice up your intimate relationship.

          Let me share some practical points now.

          The very first thing I would like to suggest you both to start exercising because it will help you loose weight gradually.
          Ask your man to spend 1 hour in gym at least because exercising helps increase the testosterone level in the body plus it also increase the blood flow in the whole body.
          This will help you guys in the long run.
          For now, as you are saying you are facing short duration intercourse. The reason is being a little over-weight. You may try some different sex positions to enjoy better.
          If you feel he gets tired due to weight then you can take the charge while having sex, and keep him on the bed. In this position, He won’t need to put a lot of power so he may not get tired quickly and you may enjoy a great time.

          There are many other different positions that may help you out. But I would advise you lose some weight and enjoy your sexual life at the fullest.

          And yes, eat healthy!

          • Hello Atish,

            I am very thankful to you for sharing your knowledge with me. I will apply what you have shared. One more question I want to ask that I have heard about ED in males. Can you please tell me something about that too?

            Sorry for bothering so much. Thank you.

          • Hello Riya,

            Thanks for asking this. I believe that everyone must be aware of sexual health. I am very happy that you are concern and want to know such things.

            ED stands for Erectile Dysfunction, and it is a situation in which a Man’s penis fails to get enough erection to have sexual intercourse. It is very common problem in Males but there is no need to worry. You just need to know the reasons of it.

            It happens due to low blood flow in Penis or low-level Testosterone.

            Regular exercise is must to improve the blood flow through body parts. Fenugreek is a rich source of Testosteron, and it can be used. But, It is good to consult your doctor.

            Males should not worry much if they get into such situation once or twice because sometimes it happens when they are tired. But the problem comes when they get the problem once, and the problem hits their mind, and it goes worse. Therefore, it’s good to consult your doctor if such situation is there.

            I hope I am clear with what you have asked.

            Thanks for creating awesome discussion here.

          • Dear Riya,

            ED means Erectile Dysfunction that causes no or less erection in Male genital. The problem gets worse when a male face it, and his wife start blaming him that he is not able to satisfy her, bla bla.

            Its not the person’s mistake, it is just a kind of health situation that can be treated with good care and medication. You must be very supportive if your man gets the issue.

            Riya – I read your all comments and it seems you want to learn more about this subject which I really appreciate. I am very happy that you are getting your questions answered by Atish Ranjan and Sonal Talwar.

            One more thing, I read in your comment that you want to improve your sex life and you want some tips. As per my experience I would like to suggest you to have sex in the position in which Penis touches the clitoris because that gives immense pleasure to women.

            Atish suggested you women on top position so that your partner doesn’t get tired due to weight. That is a great tip. I would like to add that in this position if you sit firmly while Penis is penetrating in the Vagina. The penetration will be deeper too which is great and pleasurable.

            I have a few great tips on this subject which I would like to share as well. If you want spice up your sexual relationship then as Sonal Talwar suggested that spend some time alone with each other and try kissing, hugging in every corner of your house such as kitchen, bathroom, Sofa, bed and everywhere. You will notice that you both get into mood quickly and then you may enjoy.

            You can do several things like giving blowjob to your man to make his mood.

            Feelings and emotions make big difference in sex. Don’t just have sex rather try getting emotionally connected and then you will see that your sexual intercourse are getting better.

            As the author suggested, eat healthy and do regular exercise. It improves stamina and that is what you need to enjoy.

          • Hello Atish and John, Thank you very much for detailed replies. I agree with you John that ladies should not start blaming if their partner get into the issue.

            I am happy that my husband is not having such issues but I still take care of your advice.

            Thank you for the deep penetration clarity.

  • Hello Sonal,

    Thank you so much for this awesome blog post. The very first myth is spot on. Starving only gives you gas problems and nothing else.

    keep up the good work.

  • Hi Sonal,

    All excellent tips.

    As the author of an exercise safety book, I agree with much of what you said here – especially in regard to extreme workouts and starving oneself.

    Balance is always the key – and well-being in and of itself is the best goal to have.

    • Author

      Hi Dana

      Thanks for appreciating my efforts. As you are an author of exercise safety book, i hope to get many tips from you.

  • Hi Sonali,

    I can relate to this topic very well. I also had the same myths losing weight but with regular gyming and proper diet i have lost a lot of weight. And still working out to stay fit and healthy. People really need to know that skipping meals or excessive workout is not the way to lose weight and you have very well explained this. Thanks for the post.

    • Author

      Hi Trisha
      You are absolutely right. Regular exercise and proper diet is the right method. Even I followed it. Excessive exercise and skipping meals does’nt help at all. Infact it drains you out. Thanks for liking the post. Stay fit and healthy!

  • You haven’t mentioned about the impact of weight gain on sexual health and Desires.

    • Author

      Hi Jyoti

      Thanks for writing in. The post is about weight-loss myths. If you want to know about sexual health and weight-loss tips, do read my other posts.

      Hope you find them useful.

      Happy New Year!

  • Tell me weight gain tips.

    • Author

      Hi Madhuri
      Here are some simple and easy weight gain tips:
      • Eat More Calories
      • Eat Lots of Protein
      • Eat Lots of Carbs and Fat, and Eat at Least 3 Times Per Day
      • Eat a Lot of Energy-Dense Foods and use Sauces, Spices and Condiments
      • Don’t drink water before meals.
      • Eat more often
      • Drink milk
      • Try weight gainer shakes
      • Add cream to your coffee
      • Get quality sleep
      • Don’t smoke
      Hope you find them useful!

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