Stay Fit and Healthy – Hot Tips!

Stay Fit and Healthy – Hot Tips!
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Want to know how to stay fit and healthy?

Read the post to check out some hot tips!

Who on earth doesn’t want to stay healthy and have that hot, sultry figure?

Unfortunately, most of us either fail or tend to ignore the essential criteria for a long, fit and a healthy life.

The secrets to living a long and healthy life include making wise lifestyle choices such as good sleep, regular exercise, eating right and choosing nutrient-rich foods.

Want to stay fit? Use smaller plate, taller glass

If you downsize your snack intake, avoid distraction while dining, eat food in smaller plates and use taller glasses for water during meals, chances are that you can work towards a fitter body without trying too hard on food restriction, says an expert.

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Sonia Narang, nutrition expert of Oriflame India, shares tips on how to prevent intake of excess calories without restricting food habits:

1. Downsize your snacks: As long as you’re eating satiety-inducing nutrients at every meal, you will reduce your urge for food between meals. It will help you stay fit and healthy.

2. Avoid distractions at the dinner: What you’re doing while you eat might be as important as what you’re eating. You are likely to consume much more food and eat for longer periods of time when you are distracted by music, television and other things. Eating while being distracted interrupts brain-to-stomach satiation signals, making it harder to monitor your food intake.

3. Savour the flavours: Resist the urge to unhinge your jaws and swallow it whole. Thoroughly chewing your food increases ‘oro-sensory factors’, which send satiation signals to your brain, helping you feel full on less food.

4. Spend time with friends, family: People often binge because they are lonely, frustrated or stressed. If you feel like you’re going to binge, find someone to talk to. Better meet them in person as it will help you to forget about food.

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5. Remove as many restrictions from your diet as possible: Enjoy your favourite foods in moderation throughout your diet to stop cravings from turning into binges.

6. Use smaller plates: A full plate sends the signal that you’re eating a full meal and a partially full plate looks like a skimpy meal, regardless of the actual quantity of food.

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7. Use taller glasses: Just like less food looks like more food on a smaller plate, height makes things look larger than width, even when the volumes are the same.

8. Eat protein for breakfast: People love to hype breakfast eating as a miracle weight loss cure, but only breakfasts high in protein have been proven to suppress appetite and reduce subsequent eating throughout the day.

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How to stay fit and healthy?

 Saurabh Aggarwal, expert from fitness startup FITSO, suggests some brilliant tips to stay fit and healthy:

stay Fit-and-Healthy

  • Maintain a proper sleeping schedule, which for most people means seven to eight hours each night is important for fitness. Working out three to four times per week is a great way to start. Once you have your routine with you, stick to it and you will see the benefits. Three to four sessions of 20 to 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises (run/jog/ride/walk) weekly is quite helpful to overall health.
  • A healthy and balanced diet has ample vitamins, nutrients, and colour. And the easiest way to achieve this in your diet is through piling on the fruits and vegetables. In case of carbohydrate rich food items, include lean meat or white meat (without skin) in your meals. Prefer low-fat dairy products and avoid cheese, butter, heavy cream and yogurt. Use the suitable kind of oil like olive, and avoid frying or battering your food and making it spicy or too salty. The secret to living a healthy life is making wise lifestyle choices Click To Tweet
  • Regular innovation in the fitness routine is also important in every four to six weeks to prevent a workout plateau. Also, seeking advice from health and fitness professionals can open doors you never knew existed.
  • Running and cycling are the two activities which improve cardiovascular fitness, as well as decrease the risk of coronary heart disease. These activities also help in building strong bones, as it is a weight bearing exercise. Considered as best exercises to burn calories, these activities also help in relaxation and strengthening of the immune system.
  • Prefer cardio interval training to lose extra weight fast. This will improve your metabolic process, burn extra fat, and take less time than other cardio workouts. Remember to warm up initially, and additionally cool down when you finish the exercise.
  • Drinking ample amount of water regulates your metabolism and helps in losing weight. Further, warm or hot water can surprisingly help you lose extra kilos. It is also strictly advised to drink water only an hour after having your meals.
  • If possible, walk/ride to your office at least once in a week and try using stairs wherever possible.

Follow these brilliant tips and get set to enjoy a healthy life!

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  • Very useful tips sonal…I am sure many will benefit from these.

    • Author

      Hi Swati

      Glad that you liked the post. I hope it helps people.

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  • Hi Sonal ,
    you have very good tips here.
    I liked the suggestion of smaller plates,
    and taller glasses, this is new to me 🙂
    Doing regular exercise and having serenity
    is very important to keep fit . In our time there
    is so much stress that many forget to take care
    of the simple things which keep fit.
    Thank you

    • Author

      Hi Erika mam

      Am glad that you liked the tips. Its true that we live under so much stress that we neglect our health.

      Thanks for sharing your views

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  • Hi Sonal,
    Love your tip “Use a smaller plate, taller glass” it works 🙂
    If you want to stay fit, you have to exercise for sure.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Emi recently posted…Soft Molasses Drop CookiesMy Profile

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      Hi Emi

      The tip worked for me as well Emi. Exercise is the best way to stay fit and healthy.

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  • Hi Sonal,

    I am here after a very long time and glad to see your wonderful tips. Specially, I like the idea the of being with friends and family. Looking forward to read more posts from your blog soon. Have a great time blogging.
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    Reji Stephenson

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      Hi Reji

      Wonderful to see you again. Being with family and friends is always a refreshing idea. It relieves you of all the stress.

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  • Hi Sonal,

    At 1st glance, your advice to use smaller plates & taller glasses, made me chuckle. However, we are our perceptions, so I see the logic behind the tip. Great article with expert advice. Thanks,
    Edward Thorpe recently posted…14 Healthy Ways To Beat InsomniaMy Profile

    • Author

      Hi Edward

      Infact the purpose of using that phrase was to make people read and understand the logic behind it.

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  • Hi Sonya, great healthy article. You might like Dr. Amens information too. He teaches us,to keep our brain healthy….it is a amazing how we can response an aging brain with a healthy diet and life style…..and not exercises that can actually harm us…..

    • Author

      Hi Paula

      Thanks fro visiting my blog and sharing your views. Would definitely read about Dr. Amens information. Healthy diet and lifestyle is all what we need.

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  • Hi Sonal,
    This is my first visit to your blog and I found lots of helpful tips and articles here. You have written some really awesome articles. Tips you have mentioned here are really very helpful and worth following.
    Thank you for sharing this with us. Keep it up!
    Vikash Sharma recently posted…Effective Tips to Get Rid of Black Knees and ElbowsMy Profile

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      Hi Vikash

      First of all thanks for visiting my blog. Am glad that you liked my posts. I hope these tips turn out to be helpful.

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  • Hello Sonal,

    I just recently consulted a doctor friend of mine to give me some tips on how I can still afford to remain healthy even though I was working extremely hard. And honestly, all the tips I got are the same things you just wrote here. She laid a lot of emphasis on drinking water and it is just like you wrote, “smaller plate, taller glass”. It really does work.

    Thanks for this helpful reminder.

    • Author

      Hi Toby

      Work hard but do look after your health. Well if the tips are the same, do I get the doctor’s fees then? Just kidding…

      I hope you will definitely follow the tips and stay healthy.

      Have a nice day!

  • Good article and tips Sonal. Nutritionist Sonia does not explain what satiety-inducing nutrients are. Many lay people may not know what foods they are. As far as I know the best food that help to make you feel full are protein and fiber. Some say a little fat will help too. If only more people would take notice of the excellent advice there would not be so much ill health around.
    Sandy Halliday recently posted…Will Your Green Detox Smoothies Give You IBS?My Profile

    • Author

      Hi Sandy

      You are absolutely right about the fact that protein and fiber makes us full. Its true that fat is also very essential for the body but one should be aware of how much is good for you.

      Thanks for your wonderful tip

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