Stay Fit without Gym

Stay Fit without Gym
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Everyone wants to stay fit but each individual has his or her own reasons for not joining the gym. Some of you might be so busy with your office life and hours of daily commuting that you don’t have time to go to a gym. For some people health club might be a great place to work out but it’s too expensive and they can’t afford it.

So what is the solution? The best solution is to work out at home.

But is it really possible to workout at home and get the desired results?

Yes it is.

There is a wide range of exercises that you can enjoy at home or outdoors. And they don’t cost you even a penny.

So if you think that getting into shape or a weight loss program requires a gym or expensive fitness equipments – think again!

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Check out these exercises and workout that you can do without going to a gym and will definitely give great results.


Walking fit

Walking is the best exercise. All you need is a pair of shoes which you already have! Walking will help you lose weight. You can burn around 70 calories in half an hour with the speed of 2mph. After a few days increase your speed to 3mph and you lose around 100 calories. Isn’t that an easy way out? Walking regularly strengthens your heart and tones up your legs. Brisk walking also relieves you of all the stress and makes you happy.  So enjoy walking and have a positive mind!

2.Go for a Bootcamp

bootcamp fit

Image Credits: sports-4all.com

I am sure every one of you likes fresh air and a new challenge everyday – bootcamp gives you a lot of fun. Make a group, hit a park in your locality, fix a time for workout and do some brainstorming for cardio exercises you can do with things around.


yoga fit

What can be cheaper than this – all you need is just a mat. There are innumerable videos available that explains different yoga poses. You can try them in your room itself! If you look at the health benefits of yoga, it stretches your muscles and thus improves your flexibility. It maintains the body metabolism and above all is a fantastic stress reducer.

4. Playing

Badminton fit

Playing involves activity – be it any sport. It gets your heart rate up and you burn calories and stay fit. Playing is not only good for heart but is also a stress buster. Take for instance Badminton. It is considered to be an aerobic activity which is good for your whole body. Apart from that it helps in maintaining body balance and coordination. So just play, have fun and burn calories!


swimming fit

Image Credits: splashintheboro.com

Swimming is not only fun but also a great way to keep fit. There might be a pool near your office or home. Swimming no doubt is an overall body workout which gives strength to your muscles. It tones up your whole body and thus helps in losing weight. It is a healthy recreational activity and doesn’t hit hard on your purse!

6. Twist household chores into a workout

Chores fit

Image Credits: fitnessprospector.com

There is a saying, “Kill two birds with one stone!” That is what exactly you have to do. Burn calories while doing your daily household chores. One way is to focus on cleaning activities that helps in burning more calories such as washing. Put on some music to get upbeat while doing your work. Go in for some push-ups or lunges in between.

7. Cycling

cycling fit

It is one of the easiest ways to exercise and you don’t even have to spend a fortune for that. Next time if you plan to go for a short drive, go cycling. Cycling with family or friends can be a fun-filled exercise. And don’t forget its health benefits. It not only burn calories but also builds stamina and muscles.

Tips to exercise at home

  • If you want to avoid boredom – challenge yourself. Try something new.
  • If possible find a partner to workout. You can ask your friend to join in or maybe your husband/wife.
  • Make a proper schedule and set goals.
  • Don’t forget to keep a record to check your progress at the end of the month.
  • Think of exercise as an integral part of your life.


So no more excuses about not being able to go to the gym. You can stay fit without the gym – A world of fitness is at your fingertips!


Comments (15)

  • I think these are the tips I was waiting for.. I am sure following any one of the tips regularly will surely give positive results….

    • Author

      Hi Swati

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Do try out these tips. am sure they will definitely work.

      Have a nice day!

  • Hey Sonal,

    Some great ideas and you are right. There is no excuses not to get your heart rate up and running. I make a point of taking long walks regularly. But because I am a day dreamer, I don’t consider it exercise at all. I walk fast, then slow then dawdle.

    I loved the idea of twisting the household chores into a workout. It entertains my mind, but I know I will never put it into action. Although there are others that will think it is a fabulous idea.

    The swimming is certainly a good reminder. I do love the water and doing laps for me is like walking, it is something I really enjoy. I forget about it through the winter months but I might just make a priority in the new year.

    Great post and a timely reminder that the new year is coming and I always get a new groove on in the new year and make exercise a priority. Thank you.


    • Author

      Hi Rachel

      I love walking and this is something which I cannot skip. I make it a point to go daily for a walk. Atleast for me it has been quite beneficial in losing weight. For m, it is a great exercise.

      Its great that you enjoy swimming. It is one activity that involves whole body movement and keeps you in shape – can give a perfect toned figure!

      All the best for your New Year Resolution!

      Have a nice day!

  • Hi Sonal,

    Thanks for sharing this tips. In the modern world, people are too busy to find enough time to spend going to a gym. Your post is a timely reminder for those people to start thinking of doing some exercise regime at home.

    Have a great day.

    Reji Stephenson

    • Author

      Hi Reji
      Firstly thanks for visiting my blog. Health and fitness is the area which should not be ignored.

      What could be more better than exercising at home.

      Have a nice day!

  • Hi, Sonal

    Many people will appreciate your post because they can do some exercises without affecting their budget.

    i like some of the routines which we can do them during our break times. Walking, cycling, boot camp, and yoga are my favorite

    Thanks for also listing the tips of exercise at home. They are very useful for us.

    will share .

    – Stella

    • Author

      Hi Stella

      First of all welcome to my blog. Thanks for appreciating it.

      Yes these are exercises which people can do at home without spending anything. and they do get the desired results.

      Am glad that you found the tips useful. See you again.

      Have a nice day!

  • Great tips Sonal,

    It’s very important to get exercise to stay or get healthy even if we don’t need to lose weight as many studies show.

    I used to belong to a gym but only managed to get there once a week. I cancelled my membership when they installed new machines which were so stiff I could not adjust them myself! A new gym has opened in my town which is open 24/7. There is no excuse for not getting there now! I do wonder how many people go there in the middle of the night. There are no staff about after 10 pm so I’m not sure how safe you would be. I don’t like the idea myself.

    Now my husband has retired we go out walking together when the weather is good. At the beginning of this year we bought a home gym unit in the sale. It is limited but so much easier to do a few exercises when we have time than go to a gym.

    Of course dancing is good exercise and that’s easy enough to do at home. Zumba makes for a good workout.

    • Author

      Hi Sandy

      You are absolutely right Sandy. We exercise not only to lose weight but also to stay fit and healthy. A healthy life is a happy life.

      I have never been to a gym and personally I don’t like it. Home gym can help you do many exercises. Its a great idea Sandy.

      For me walking is the best exercise. If you have a partner its good. If you go alone just listen to some of your favorite and peppy numbers and keep walking. Just a half an hour walk daily can give you amazing results. It worked fro me.

      Dancing is not only a good exercise but it also acts as a mood changer and you feel totally refreshed.

      Thanks for your comment. Keep writing in.

      Have a wonderful day!

  • Hi Sonal,

    It’s a really good idea to do some of the home exercises you mentioned here, because we so often don’t have time to go to the gym.

    I’m an online entrepreneur and while I love to go to the gym and swim (my favorite), it’s always so annoying to have to stop everything, get my gym bag together and trek to the gym… and it’s only a 5 minute drive.

    I do like to do the “household chores” twisting and turning, especially with my music on. But lately, I’ve taken up a new home exercise. I hung a child’s size punching bag from my office door. I try to take a 5 minute break each hour to walk across the room and do some light punching on the bag. It’s a very light bag, so I only tap it really, but I find it great for hand-eye coordination and focus. It can be aerobic if you turn it into a real endurance workout. Whatever my mood is.


    • Author

      Hi Donna

      The daily hectic schedule leave us with no time to to to a gym. So I make it a point to stay active and take little breaks in between work and do some movements.

      Even I love to do household work with my favorite music on. While doing the work I can enjoy some of my dance moves which is undoubtedly a form of exercise. work is also completed and so is my exercise.

      I love the idea of punching bag. Need to try it!

      Thanks for your comment. Keep writing in.

      Have a wonderful day!

  • Great tips! I think that playing a sport can be a great way to stay fit and maybe enjoy your time with friends and family.

    • Author

      Hi Sam

      Yes you are absolutely right. Playing keeps you fit as well as you can enjoy with friends.

      Thanks for writing in

      Have a nice day!

  • Hi Sonal,

    Exercise has to be (a) something I like – I hated the gym and (b) something that seems to have some purpose to it (other than exercise LOL).

    So….. I do a yoga class and a dance class, both of which I enjoy. And whenever possible I switch the car for walking – without being obsessive.

    Must admit… I am extremely tempted by Donna’s idea of the punch bag. Hmmmm 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark
    Joy Healey recently posted…Free eCommerce Store With Products To SellMy Profile

    • Author

      Hi Joy

      I totally agree with you. Exercise should be something which we enjoy.

      Thanks for sharing your views.

      Have a nice day!

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