How to make killer abs with these easy exercises

How to make killer abs with these easy exercises
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Killer abs are something that everyone wants, but most of those people hesitate when it comes to doing what it takes to get perfect abs. The workout for abs sometimes seems so hard and intense that most of the people give up in the very beginning. Crunches, leg raises, sit ups all of these sometimes seems hard enough that people stop working out after a couple of weeks.

Honestly speaking there is no easy way to make killer abs but you can start with some exercises which will help you get into the workout, and you will feel a lot more comfortable in performing them.

Exercises for killer abs

Here are few easy exercises which will help you get killer abs.

1# Bird-Dog Crunches:

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Image Source: self.com

Getting those perfect abs is not easy, and they do take a lot of time. You cannot develop six packs in one night. At very first, you need to activate your core muscles, and Bird-Dog crunches is an easy and useful exercise that helps you in activating your core.

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To perform this exercise get on the floor on your knees and place your hands right under your shoulders. Now extend your left arm out straight at shoulder height and in the meantime lift your right leg back and extend it straight back. Now bring it back to the starting position and do the repeat it with your right arm and left leg. Do at least five repetitions on each side and make sure your body stay in straight line while doing this exercise.

2# Standing Bicycle Crunches:

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Image Source: shape.com

You might have hated those traditional crunches exercises because they are pretty tough. But “Bicycle crunches” is one of the easiest exercises for abs. To perform this exercise, stand still on your feet with a hip-width distance between your feet. Then relax your shoulders and tighten your core. Now raise your right knee and lower your left elbow towards each other and then go back in the same position. Repeat the same move with your left knee and right shoulder. Do at least five repetitions of this exercise on each side.

3# Sit-Ups

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Image Source: netfit.co.uk

Sit-ups are one of the most effective abs exercises, and it helps well in building your core. But if done wrong they can cause you pain as well.

To perform sit ups lie down on the floor or a sit up bench, if you have one, and lift your knees with your toes touching the floor. Now put your hand behind your neck and release tension from your shoulders to relax your neck. Now lay back on the floor until your body touches the ground and rise back up. Do this exercise for straight 1 minute, repeat it five times and take a one-minute break between each set.

4# Spider Plank Crunch

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To do this exercise, you need to get yourself into pushup position first. Place your hands on the ground right under your shoulder. Put your toes on the ground with legs extended backward and keep your body in straight line. Now lift your left leg and lift it towards the outside of your left elbow. Get back in the plank position and repeat the exercise on the other side. Do five repetitions of this exercise with each leg.

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  • In Bird-Dog crunches, you talk of “activating your core muscles” first. What does tht mean? Sorry if that sounds like a silly question. I just feel that if one understands the principle behind what he/she is doing, it guarantees success. I really need to tighten my abs.

    • Author

      Hi Angel

      You are absolutely right. It is good to understand the concept. The core muscles are comprised of the trunk and spine muscles that provide support and stabilization for all movements. Any time we twist, turn, bend over at the waist, or hold our body in one position for a long period of time, our core is at work. There are many exercises to activate your core muscles such as trunk rotation, lower abdominal cross, back twist and so on.

      I hope it helps!

      Have a nice day!

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