5 Secrets of Kids Who Rarely Get Sick

5 Secrets of Kids Who Rarely Get Sick
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What is the secret of my neighbor’s kid who rarely gets sick?

How can I keep my kid from getting sick?

This is the question which most of the parents ask, and think what it is that they do not know.

Undoubtedly, your child is very important to you. You take proper care of your kid and give her whatever she wants but still there is something that is left behind. You need to keep your child happy and healthy. To keep your child in the best of health, you not only need to keep an eye on possible injuries but also prevent her from illnesses. You also need to ensure that you take your child to a doctor for regular checkups especially ENT.

This reminds me of an incident. The other day my friend from Bangalore called me up, and told me about the health problems her son was facing related to nose and ears. I told her to visit the ENT specialist. As she was new to the city she was unaware about the best hospitals and doctors. I told her about the best ENT specialist in Bangalore where her son will get proper care and attention.

So what should you do to keep your kids and their immune systems healthy? Read the post to know…..

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Secrets of Kids Who Rarely Get Sick

Here are some secret tips that will prevent your kid from falling sick and keep him healthy.

  1. A healthy diet

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Young children need to be sufficiently nourished to fend off germs. Make sure your child gets enough protein, fruits and vegetables. This will help in boosting your child’s immune system. Give them foods rich in Vitamin C such as oranges and Vitamin D such as cereals. Vitamins A, C, D are ultimate immune boosters that empower your child’s body to fight off colds. So make sure that your child gobbles up lots of citrus, leafy greens, orange and yellow vegetables such as carrots. Yogurt with active cultures (probiotics) will help build body defenses.

  1. Plenty of sleep

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It is very important for a child to get around 11 hours of sleep. Sleep is related to a child’s health in many ways. If kids get proper sleep, the risk of their becoming obese, developing diabetes and other health problems is lowered. Sleep is as important as healthy food and exercise. Sleep time is the time when the young child’s body repackages neurotransmitters, chemicals that enable brain cells to communicate.

When a child sleeps, there is a proper circulation of stress hormones and his cholesterol levels are also maintained. “Children with sleep disorders have excessive brain arousal during sleep, which can trigger the fight-or- flight response hundreds of times each night” says Jeffrey Durmer, M.D., Ph.D., a sleep specialist and researcher in Atlanta. Sleep deprivation leads to increased levels of glucose and cortisol at night which leads to diabetes and other heart problems.

During sleep, there is a production of proteins known as cytokines in children which helps the body fight against illness and infection. This is one of the secrets of kids who rarely fall sick. Make sure that your kid gets enough sleep!

  1. Promote healthy habits and hygiene

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A clean child is a healthy child so it is important to teach your child the basics of cleanliness and hygiene at an early age. There are many creative ways you can use to teach your child about personal hygiene and make the journey easy for her. The most basic and the important hygiene action that you can teach your child is washing hands. Make your child wash hands as many times as possible throughout the day. Make sure that the child washes hands before eating anything and after using the washroom. Sing a song with him so that he enjoys doing it.

This is the most simplest and the effective way to get rid of germs. Regular washing of hands reduces the passing of respiratory and gastrointestinal illness.

  1. Physical activity

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Ensure that your child is physically active and spends some time playing outdoors. Playing outside allow children to burn more calories, which helps prevent obesity and other heart related diseases. So parents need to make sure that children get enough exercise. According to the studies regular, moderate exercise reduce the number of cold and flu episodes by 20 to 50% per year.

Outdoor activities also help kids practice physical skills. It boosts their brain function especially in the areas concerning memory, concentration power and attention. According to a study, if a child takes a twenty-minute walk outside, his attention and concentration increases. Encourage your child to spend some time outside of his home. You can take him to the nearby park for storytelling or homework or get him involved in some sports.

  1. Regular visits to the doctor

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Last but not the least, the greatest secret of kids who rarely fall sick is their regular visits to the doctor.  Regular visits help you know whether your child is developing and growing normally or not. Parents can discuss about any issues with the doctors regarding health and nutrition so that their kids stay healthy.

As the child’s immune system is still in the developing phase, it is difficult for them to fight infections especially ear, nose and throat ailments. So a regular visit to an ENT specialist is very important.  If you are living in Bangalore and looking for ENT in the city just type in ENT specialist in Bangalore in Google search and you will get the best results!