Can Travelling improve your sex life?

Can Travelling improve your sex life?
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Yes, travelling can improve your sex life.

Want to know how?

Just read on…..

Recently, a study was conducted in Britain which suggested that travelling not only improves your health but also helps to lose weight and gain confidence. Moreover it makes you feel younger and also increase your sex drive.

Isn’t it great news for the people who love travelling!

The survey was conducted by Expedia. During the survey more than one million respondents said how travelling made a BIG difference in their lives and helped to increase their sex drive.

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travelling improves sex life

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What changes did travelling bring about?

Some of the changes that people experienced within themselves were:

  • More body confidence
  • Improved mood
  • Closeness to partner

What was the reason for these changes?

“Travelling can help reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. As stress and anxiety decreases, mood increases — bringing many, often unexpected, positive benefits in how we perceive ourselves, motivation and productivity, and our general outlook on life,” said Linda Papadopoulos, who worked with Expedia on the study.

Other revelations

other revelations for travelling

What else did the study revealed? Have a look:

During the survey, the respondents also said that travelling helped them to reduce weight.

How did it happen?

Travelling leads to an explosion of generally healthy behavior. This puts a person into a new routine and thus break-free from unhealthy habits.

“Exposure to a healthy amount of sunshine is also believed to increase the brain’s release of the hormone serotonin which is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused,” added Papadopoulos.

Many of the people also claimed that travelling made them more creative. It brings about a new experience. This inspires and increases the levels of Serotonin in the body. The increased levels of serotonin gives a more positive thought development in forthcoming creative challenges.

Travel puts a person into a new routine and thus break-free from unhealthy habits. Click To Tweet

So whether

You are feeling depressed or

Creatively stunted or

Fretful or

Overweight or

Just not having enough sex

Go and see the world – TRAVEL!

Travel to meet yourself!



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  • This is interesting. I like the way you put it together. I have not travelled far from home.. Just within maybe within 300 miles or. Having 3 young boys whose ages range from 3-7 even a local journey feels exhausting.. A long hall flight does not fill me with confidence.

    • Author

      Hi William

      Glad that you liked it. Well I totally agree with you, it can be really exhausting with children. but travelling makes a person stress free and he feels fresh.

      Have a nice day!

  • Okay I really need a vacation!!!!!!
    Loved the article, great reasons to travel and have fun too 😉.

    • Author

      Hi Alicia

      Thanks for your wonderful feedback.

      Go for a vacation and have fun!

      Have a nice day!

  • What a brilliant post! I am so pleased to know this. I travel quite a lot and always feel very energised when I am travelling.

    Enjoy the journey!
    Mandy Allen recently posted…What Difference Will Your Life Make?My Profile

    • Author

      Hi Mandy

      Its true that we feel energised and refresh after travelling. Hope the post helps you.

      Have a nice day!

  • Hi Sonal,
    Thanks for sharing the fact that travelling is healthy sexually.
    Robin Khokhar recently posted…Quick On-page SEO techniques which you must be knowingMy Profile

  • Dear Sonal Talwar,

    I got your site while searching something on Google.com. I am very happy to see you are suggesting natural cure to almost every problem with Yoga. I have learnt so much about Yoga in the past but never tried it out. But I want to try this out. I have some problems related to sex drive. Since I put on some weight my sex drive reduced.

    Can you let me know some yoga that can help me improve sexual health because I want to enjoy my sexual life. My age is 32 years and got married just last year. due to this problem I am unable to enjoy much in bed.

    Travel suggestion is good but may I get more advice on this please.

    • Author

      Hi Maxx

      Thanks for visiting my blog and writing in.

      Well the only solution to your problem is that you should lose some weight. Losing weight is not a very difficult thing. Control your diet and exercise regularly. If you know so much about yoga, you should try it. I have mentioned some easy tips to lose weight in my various blog posts. Do try to follow them.

      You will definitely see a change within yourself in a few days. Hope it helps.

      Have a nice day!

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