How to Wear Make-Up in Summer

How to Wear Make-Up in Summer
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Rising temperatures and bright sunshine might be a good indicator that summer season is around the corner. The most awaited season of the year, summer is famous for its vibrancy, its heat, and the colorful hues. This is the best weather for any kind of social gathering be it wedding or parties or may be a trip to the countryside. Summer also means dressing up for the perfect selfies. Party time summer dressing includes applying make-up to appear fresh all day long. But it can all be a waste if we don’t know how to apply make-up properly in summer since hot and humid temperatures can make your eyeliners and mascara runny and may also end giving a caked look to your makeup.

8 Summer Makeup Tips

Here, we bring you a few tips so that you can apply makeup like a pro and feel good all day long.

1.Say no to open pores


Applying make-up on your face with open pores is a bad idea in any weather, not just summer as the make-up enters the pores and blocks them making it a breeding ground for bacteria. Hot water bath opens up the pores, so whenever you shower, it is better to let your skin cool down for at least half an hour before you apply makeup. If you are in an absolute hurry, you can rub cold water or ice on your skin for a while. This will close the pores and then, you can apply as much makeup as you like. Well, not really!

2. The essentials



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It is a well-known fact that everyone must apply sunscreen in summer, right? Wrong. You must apply sunscreen 365 days of the year and even when at home because even though there are times when the UV rays are not visible to us, they are still there waiting to cause damage to your skin. And not just that, you must also use a moisturizer every day in summer. Some people may argue that their skin is any way oily. Well, sure but is oil the equivalent of water? Your skin may have oil and yet lack water. Using a sunscreen and a moisturizer will help your skin protection from sun damage and premature aging.

3. Base makeup



Base makeup includes the foundation and primer. The foundation helps in making the skin tone even and applying primer ensures that the makeup is applied evenly and stays on the skin. It is more like creating a stronger base so that the finish looks good. You can try Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation if you are just beginning to use a foundation.

4. The lesser, the better

In summer, moderation in make-up is absolutely necessary. If you choose to wear a powder, keep it minimal. Too much of makeup leads to it baking and giving the cakey effect which looks fake. Plus, in summer when you wear your maxi dresses, light make up goes with it as it gives a cool casual look. You may opt for a little color on your cheeks. Remember, less is better in summer.

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5. Actual makeup


For the actual make-up, there are a few tips. First is, do not use anything shiny. A natural and healthy glow is desirable but the make-ups with a shinier base look overdone for this season.

Secondly, avoid powdery blush as powdered blush cakes easily. Thirdly, use bronzer only on those areas of the face where sunlight hits directly like your forehead, nose, and cheekbones. If possible, use blush stains as they are light and appear natural.

6. Eyeliner and mascara


Eyeliner and mascara make your eyes look bigger. But what happens when that same makeup smudges all around your eyes and face?  Well, there are ways of avoiding that. The first is to apply eyeliners only for a party. The other is that you can also use waterproof eyeliner or mascara brand as these won’t smudge.

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7. Avoid thinking dark lipsticks


Sometimes, lipstick is the only makeup you need. A good shade of lipstick that goes with the dress you choose to wear should be enough if you can match the shade well. But please, avoid those dark shades in summer. Dark is the color of winter and of night parties and wearing a dark lipstick in summer is an absolute injustice. It will only indicate that you have lacked all sense of fashion what so ever.

8. Spare kit


Whenever you go for an outing, make sure that you have a spare kit of your eye and face makeup, some tissue papers and sunscreen and moisturizers. If possible, buy a small size set of all the make-up which you will dedicatedly keep only for outdoor usage. If not, keep all the makeup you know you will need during the day. Of course buying a spare kit can be really expensive and unaffordable, but you can benefit from. With The Hut promo codes you can buy makeup products at discounted prices.

Make sure that you follow the above tips. After all, you want to be looking like a princess even in the scorching heat, don’t you?

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