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World Heart Day: 6 yoga poses for a healthy heart
This World Heart Day, gift yourself a healthy heart and mind. Thanks to the fast-paced and sedentary lifestyle that many of us are forced to live, health has taken a back seat in our list of priorities. People are more bothered about meeting targets and deadlines than eating and living healthy. Most times, we often… (0 comment)

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Grapefruit
Simply hearing the name of this juicy fruit, or seeing it in the produce aisle, can make our palates cringe and our face scrunch up. Although somewhat sour and bitter taste of grapefruit may not cater to all taste buds, its red, pink, and white pulp varieties are full of vitamins and minerals, which add… (0 comment)

Chikungunya: Causes Symptoms Treatment & Prevention
Every monsoon, there is an increase in the number of people infected by dengue and chikungunya. Both are viral diseases transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. While a number of the symptoms associated with the two diseases are similar, there exist some key differences. What is Chikungunya? Chikungunya is a viral disease spread by mosquitoes. Its symptoms include severe and… (7 comments)

10 Hobbies to beat Stress and Depression
The wonderful season of monsoon is here but it doesn’t result in our stress levels getting any lower. Most of us deal with full-time jobs, attending meetings and seminars, paying those never-ending bills, and much more. It is as if something is constantly pulling us this way or that way. In such a situation it… (5 comments)

11 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water
All of us start our mornings with a hot cup of coffee or tea to warm ourselves and wake up. Some of you may also prefer a glass of cold water to replenish you in the morning. They have now become our morning habits. Nevertheless, it’s time to think again on how you start your morning… (11 comments)

Friendship Day: Your Friend is your Treasure
Friendship Day is celebrated across the world to celebrate the amazing relation called friendship. It is a time to say ‘I Care’. It is the perfect occasion to recollect sweet memories of the time spent together. True friends are difficult to find, so if you have one, make sure that you let your friend know… (7 comments)