Strategies to make Content Marketing Business thrive

Strategies to make Content Marketing Business thrive
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Today, the entire digital marketing space is dominated by content marketing. Instead of replacing SEO or email marketing, content marketing has become a fundamental constituent of every marketing strategy.

The use of content marketing is gaining popularity day-by-day. But still many of the companies have to struggle with the efficacy of the content strategy. According to the recent statistics, only 38% of B2C companies have an effective content marketing strategy. The percentage is even lower in B2B marketers, being only 30%.

In this digital age, what customers are more interested is in what you give them, not what you are selling. If you give your target audience significant and high quality online content, they will trust your brand. This goodwill will automatically be converted into sales. Moreover, if your content is shareable, your customers will definitely spread the word. A word of praise means increased sales!

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For small business owners with not much of an experience in this field, writing appropriate content for a newsletter or social media campaign can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

Successful Content Marketing strategies

A walk through these 7 strategies will help businesses in creating a successful content marketing strategy including creation and promotion across all social media and digital marketing channels.

1. Consider your professional blog your priority

If you want to promote your company’s content marketing services as best and reliable, then you need to display the same high quality in all your company’s communications. For this, the best way is to have high quality blog posts for your company’s website. These posts should provide not only important information and convincing insights required by the customers but also case studies that talk about your past clients and their level of satisfaction with your services. Your blog will build your reputation and make you a brand!

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Secondly, keeping your blog regularly updated will also get you search engine traffic. Promoting your blog on various social platforms will boost your social referral traffic.

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2. A regular survey of clients

Follow-up your clients through call or email to make sure of your continuous success of content marketing business. I would highly recommend this, if you are not keeping a check over your client’s analytics. A regular client survey will save much of your time. Ask your clients if they are satisfied with your services and your content. Request them for the detailed information about the page vies and revenue related to the content provided by you. This will give you a clear picture of your success!

3. Hire people smarter than you

Hire people smarter than you

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There is a very good saying by Ben Bradlee, “Hire people smarter than you are and encourage them to bloom.” Pull together the best content marketing team including writers and editors who can provide great standards of excellence. When you have these talented people on board, give them the absolute freedom and a motivational environment to work as a team. This will enable them to give their best. You run your business and your team will give you the high quality content for the clients!

4. Social media presence

Being active on social media is a must for every business, but is quite significant for content marketing.

How can social media help you develop your content marketing business?

  • It is the great platform to build influence and reputation as a content marketing expert.
  • Being active on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn will help you great high quality leads. Share your company’s insights and participate in chats to increase your sphere of influence. This will help you connect with people and companies looking for content marketing services.
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5. Track ROI

Track ROI content marketing

There is no such thing as ‘standard practice’ when it comes to content marketing.  Some of your clients may ask you just for content while others may ask you to promote it as well on their behalf. At the same time there are other clients, who may ask you to also keep a track of their results and returns. For such clients, you need to calculate the ROI of the content you have created for them.

6. Make use of your clients’ knowledge

There is a possibility, at times, that your client can provide you with industry insights. At such times don’t forget to include your clients’ knowledge, while you are creating the content. Make sure that the process is not cumbersome for either of the parties. Don’t rely on them to create content, just use their expertise and knowledge using strategies that are not time-consuming. Some of these strategies include surveys, interviews and brainstorming sessions.

7. Guest blogging

Guest blogging content marketing

Guest blogging in the present scenario is not what it used to be years ago. Infact this is one of the best strategies for your content marketing business. It can help you become the leader in the field. It will also help you gain the attention of businesses looking for the content marketing services. Above all, it will extend your reach. Sharing your posts on both larger and smaller sites will not only increase your reach but will also help you to gain backlinks that will keep you company on top.

So now is the right time to jump into the field of content marketing. Use the strategies mentioned and attract businesses. These strategies will help both you and your clients grow!



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