Slow down Aging and look Young!

Slow down Aging  and look Young!
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Aging is inevitable and inescapable. Most of you might think that age is just a number. But it is something you cannot do away with.

It happens to each and every one whether in your 30s or 40s or beyond. For a friend of mine the moment came when she was just 29. I met her quite early that morning and thought she was tired so I asked her, “Did you sleep well last night? You look quite tired.” She said that she slept fine. She immediately ran towards the mirror and what she noticed came as a shock to her. There were dark circles under her eyes.

dark circles aging

Image Credits: canyonranch.com

So her eyes told an altogether different story – the signs were not of tiredness but the process of aging.

Aging comes naturally but there are certain factors and the kind of lifestyle we live that speeds up this process.

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Factors that speed up the aging process

  • Poor eating habits
  • Stress
  • Too much exposure to sun
  • Pollution
  • Lack of sleep
  • Excessive alcohol intake

Can you slow down the process of aging?

The question that pops up in our minds is that is there a way to knock off some years. Yes there is!

The simplest way is to make smart food choices. No doubt, there are various factors that contribute in how long a person lives, but by a healthy lifestyle and eating some brilliant nutrient-packed foods you can slow down the process of aging.

According to the researchers, there are many foods that are rich in anti-aging elements. If consumed on a daily basis, they are quite helpful. They not only add years to your life but also keep away diseases linked with age.

Here are some superfoods to make you look and feel young:

1. Yogurt

yogurt aging

A study revealed that people in Soviet Georgia live longer as compared to other countries. The secret behind it is the ever-present yogurt in their diet. It contains calcium which prevents osteoporosis. It is also rich in what can be referred to as “good bacteria” which wards off the intestinal illness common in the old age.

2. Oranges

Orange aging

Oranges are not only yummy and mouth-watering but are also rich in Vitamin C which helps the body in generating skin-firming collagen and thus keeps the skin supple. This delicious fruit contains a high amount of fiber and keeps the body hydrated which gives you a glowing skin.

3. Berries


berries aging

Strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, blueberries – all are good for your health. A recent study revealed that the blueberries and strawberries contain higher amounts of antioxidants as compared to others. The abundance of Vitamin C present in them is good for the skin. They also help in decreasing pain and avoiding rashes.

4. Olive oil

olive-oil aging

The benefits of olive oil are unparalleled. It improves our health in innumerable ways. It not only reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes but also prevents heart strokes. As we grow old our arteries may not function properly. But the presence of olive oil in our diet can improve the arterial functioning in the old age. This is because it contains mono-unsaturated fats – good for the body and heart. Other antioxidants such as polyphenols present in olive oil helps fight osteoporosis and prevent skin cancer.

5. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate aging

Dark chocolate, rich in cocoa, is packed with nutrients. It is one of the great sources of antioxidants. Flavanols present in the dark chocolate reduces skin inflammation caused due to UV rays. It also increases the skin’s ability to seize moisture. The hydrated skin decreases the occurrence of wrinkles and thus makes you look younger!

Apart from that, it improves the blood flow in the body and thus maintains blood pressure.

If you are planning to go on a beach – load up dark chocolate!

6. Nuts

nuts aging

It may come as a surprise to most of you but its true and studies have revealed that who consumes nuts live extra two years on an average. A perfect age combating food, nuts are a rich source of omega-3 essential fatty-acids. Nuts like olive oil are also rich in unsaturated fats so the health benefits provided by nuts are similar to those of olive oil. Apart from containing high amounts of antioxidants, nuts are also rich in minerals and vitamins. Thus they help in maintaining cholesterol levels and increases immunity.

One of the greatest misconceptions that people have is that eating nuts will result in weight gain. But the fact is that our body does not absorb around 20% of them.

7. Wine

Wine aging

Wine especially the red wine  contains anti-aging compounds such as resveratrol which keeps the blood vessels healthy. A study revealed that resveratrol also plays an important role in activating genes that slow down the process of cellular aging. It also protects the body from harmful UV rays.

8. Avocado

Avocado aging

Popular for its anti-aging elements, avocado can be consumed in a variety of ways. You can use it in your salad or make a delicious dip out of it. A brilliant source of vitamin E, avocado is rich in antioxidants and that prevents any injury to collagen. The presence of high amounts of unsaturated fats and beta-carotene nourishes skin by keeping it hydrated and protects it from the noticeable signs of aging. It also plays a vital role in keeping your heart healthy.


It is true that with a balanced diet and proper exercise you can stay fit even in the old age. But these foods are remarkably capable in reducing the effects of aging and problems associated with it.

So if you are 50 and want to look 30 give it a try!


Comments (26)

  • Hi ,
    Glad to see your topics . Now a days Aging is so much talked topics in our daily life . We have to face this Aging earlier because we are taking less care in our health . Those foods are mentioned they are really so much nutritious . No doubt that nutritious foods can only keep great contribution to slow down aging . Thank you very much for writing nice topics . Have a nice day . 🙂

    • Author

      Hi Partho

      Thanks for writing in!

      It is true that due to hectic schedule we neglect our health and it results in early aging. am glad that you found the post useful.

      Have a nice day!

  • Hi Sonal,

    You are right about all that you mentioned – who wouldn’t like to look young!

    Yes, these food certainly help, as I’d written about this long back also. Also, you need to take proper rest, sleep well and lead a healthy lifestyle to look young. Additionally, facial massages and facials helps after the age of 30 to tone your facial muscles, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Author

      Hi Harleena Mam

      Thanks for your wonderful feedback.

      It’s true that each and every one of us wants to look young. Yes apart from consuming these foods, we need to have a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

      Of course facial massages are a must. Well who doesn’t like to be pampered….

      Keep writing in.

      Have a nice day!

  • Hey Sonal,

    I LOVE berries…and they are so good for you. They’re loaded with anti-oxidants and low in sugar. I would personally encourage anyone to include them in their diet for many reasons, aging factors included.

    I also think that simply being at peace within ourselves is a great way to stay young in every way imaginable. To me, a young person with a scowl of their face looks “older” as opposed to someone with laugh lines from a vibrant smile and eyes filled with light and life.

    Great post 🙂

    • Author

      Hi Dana

      Berries are my favorite also. I love blueberry yogurt the most. It has many benefits and should definitely be a part of your diet.

      You are absolutely right Dana. If we are at peace with ourselves, that happiness reflects on our face. It is the tension and stress that makes us look older than our age.

      Keep smiling!

  • Hey Sonal,

    Great post. I was like your friend when I saw my first grey hair. At first I thought my eyes were going on me. I ignored it for about a month. I mentally felt like my age and grey hair did not add up. It was an interesting time I must say. I felt deceived in some way. It made me think about what I thought of myself and how I saw ageing and it was rather positive. But that is another story completely.

    As I was reading down your list I was thinking I am doing rather well. Everything in your post is in my diet, except for the red wine. But when it comes to alcohol I am an all or nothing kind of girl. I would drink far more than was healthy for me and I don’t have a stop button once I start. So I rarely drink.

    I love dark chocolate. Well I have a problem with it really, you can’t eat too much off it because it is very rich. And I do eat a few more handfuls of peanuts that I should. I love both of these.

    Thanks for sharing a few of the foods that will slow down the aging process. Got any remedies for slowing the grey hair down.


    • Author

      Hi Rachel

      Thanks for your valuable feedback.

      I guess it happens with each one of us when we first see those grey hair. It comes as a shock but then slowly and gradually we begin to accept it.

      I would say that it is good if you are not taking alcohol. Though red wine has many benefits but still people who do not consume should not start drinking it.

      Even I love dark chocolates. Nuts are a great option i think. Will surely look for some remedies for grey hair.

      Keep writing in.

      Have a nice day!

  • Great list Sonal. Preventing aging is something I am very interested in. The older I get the more important it becomes!

    Although yogurt can be good for you if it’s live and not loaded with sugar kefir is probably better because it contains more strains of beneficial bacteria than yogurt does. They can also colonize in the digestive system rather than pass through as the ones in yoghurt do.

    You have to becareful when you buy olive oil these days as there’s been a lot in the news recently about some unscrupulous manufacturers adulterating the oil with cheaper oils like sunflower oil. Organic, cold pressed extra virgin oil is best and it should not be used for cooking.

    For these foods to be useful you need a well-functioning digestive system to be able to digest and absorb the nutrients from them.

    I look forward to more of your interesting posts.

    • Author

      Hi Sandy

      Thanks for your wonderful feedback. Am glad that you found it interesting.

      You have given an interesting point about yogurt. It is just that it is easily available. One can even opt for kefir. It is rich in nutrients and a powerful probiotic food. It also improves bone health.

      Its true that one needs to be careful while buying olive oil, for that matter anything we buy.

      These foods also help in the digestive process.

      Will look forward for some more interesting points from you.

      Have a nice day!

  • Hi Sonal ,
    great advice and this foods are really helping 🙂
    Dark chocolate is good it it is organic and this prevents from overeating 🙂
    I like nuts as well and sometimes I drink a glass of wine with a meal ,only red wine.
    What is very beneficial as well is exercise ,mindful exercise 🙂 and most important
    our thinking 🙂 I always liked to get older and I got upset with a friend which pulled
    one of my white hair out .Stay away from people who are and think old . Find a way
    to stay positive and happy and the numbers do not matter 🙂
    Thank you

    • Author

      Hi Erika mam

      Great to see your wonderful feedback again.

      Nuts are really good for the health. You are doing right if you are consuming only red wine.

      Thinking plays a great role. If we are at peace with ourselves, it will do wonders for us. Staying happy will automatically do away with the signs of aging.

      Think positive and be happy!

      Keep writing in.

      Have a nice day!

  • Hello Sonal, Yet another great post, Who doesn’t want to look younger? I know I do! HEHE I love your list and actually digest all the superfoods you mentioned except the dark chocolate!

    So looks like I am aging good hehe
    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))

    • Author

      Hi Chery

      Welcome to my blog. So true – everyone want to look young and when it is so simple why not try it out.

      Great that you enjoy all these superfoods – no doubt you look young!

      Keep writing in!

      have a nice day!

  • Hi Sonal Talwar, Great information about slow down ageing. These all fruits are beneficial not only to look young but also to prevent so many chronicle diseases. Thanks for sharing.

    • Author

      Hi Sazia

      Thanks for visiting my blog. am glad that you liked the post.

      Yes all these foods are really beneficial in slowing down the process of aging.

      Thanks for writing in.

      Have a nice day!

  • It’s good to read a post on healthy food that includes such a delicious variety 🙂 Being on the positive side of 60 I include all but the wine and chocolate in my diet, plus high antioxidant vegetables. I use natural cacao to get the chocolate benefits.

    Unfortunately I didn’t do this when younger and the consequence was diabetes type 2, even though I’d always been slim. I think skipping meals is likely the cause.

    • Author

      Hi Sue

      These foods are really delicious and I enjoy most of them. Even I don’t drink wine but I love dark chocolates.

      You are right, skipping meals is really not a good idea. I recommend this to all that one should never skip meals. It has a negative impact on our body.

      Keep writing in.

      Have a nice day!

  • Hi Sonal,

    I just read your blog about slowing the aging process.
    Great information for your readers.

    I would like to share another things with you about slowing down the aging process that I didn’t see mentioned.

    Take care,

    Alicia Osmera

    • Author

      Hi Alicia

      Thanks for visiting my bog. Am glad that you liked the post.

      Ya you are most welcome to share your points Alicia. It will be an honor for me.

      Thanks for writing in.

      Have a nice day!

  • Hi Sonal,

    Great post on a subject that should appeal to a wide, and growing, audience. I also liked your use of graphics within the content. Well done.

    I’d add to your list of things that speed up aging:: smoking, party drugs and most prescription drugs.

    You can see their negative effects upon the faces of celebrity users like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen. (I mention these 2 people only because it’s easy to compare pictures of them at different ages.)

    Good post, thanks,
    Edward Thorpe recently posted…About New Year Quotes and ResolutionsMy Profile

    • Author

      Hi Edward

      This is the subject which is greatly ignored by many people. By following simple tips people can keep looking young.

      Am glad that you liked it. Smoking and drugs do speed up aging.

      Yes the pictures of these two celebrities can be compared easily.

      Thanks for writing in.

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    • Author


      Thanks for your wonderful feedback. Its really good to know that you liked my article. I hope you will like my other posts as well and find them useful.

      Keep writing in

      Have a nice day!

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    I’m sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious.
    And naturally, thank you to your effort!
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    • Author


      Am glad that you liked my post and found it useful.

      Thanks for writing in and sharing

      Have a nice day!

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