Simple Steps for Your Weight Loss Journey

Simple Steps for Your Weight Loss Journey
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Losing weight, and above all if your target is around 10 pounds or so, may appear to be the toughest job. But this tough job can be made easy.


Well you just need to find some easy ways that work best for you. At times doing things in an easy way can give you the desired results. Easy, small, effortless and elementary changes in your lifestyle can bring in big losses on your weighing scale.

Very often, people who want to lose weight, hop into a diet plan. Such a diet plan leads to a complete transformation in their eating habits. So they stick to it for a period of time but finally give it up because it becomes too hard for them. Following a strict diet plan to lose weight is one of the biggest weight-loss myths, as mentioned in my earlier post as well.

You don’t need to spend hours working out or sacrifice your favourite dishes – to get into shape.

So what are you waiting for? Just try these simple tricks.

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1. Never skip your breakfast

Never skip your breakfast

People who have really succeeded in losing weight and above all maintaining it have something in common – they never skip their breakfast. Now you must be wondering that how can adding up extra calories be beneficial. The simple reason is that breakfast will not make you feel hungry for a long time and thus will control your eating the whole day. If you eat something and begin your day, you won’t have the uncontrollable hunger which leads to over eating. You can go in for fresh fruits, whole-grain cereals and yogurt.

2. Don’t Subtract

Eat and lose weight!

Eat and lose weight

Shocked to hear that? Most of you will be.

“Adding in really works, taking away never does,” says a well known dietitian David Grotto, RD, LDN, author of 101 Optimal Life Foods.

So if you are really serious and are committed to lose weight, never skip your meals. Have atleast three meals in a day. You can also munch in your favourite healthy snack in between.

3. Be active and go walking

Be active and go walking

This is one of the most easiest thing you can do and that too painlessly. Going for a walk when the weather is pleasant is the topnotch way to keep fit.

Don’t have extra time to go out for a walk?

No problem!

Try these tricks for slipping in some extra steps:

  • If you have a meeting nearby, enjoy the walk.
  • Park your car at a little distance away from your home.
  • Why not get off a few stops earlier from the bus.
  • Forget the lift, take the stairs.
  • Go for window shopping in a mall and don’t forget to check out all the floors.

4. Water, Water, Water!


You must have heard it ample of times and here you hear it again. This is because drinking atleast 2 litres of water daily is the most effortless way to pace up your weight loss. The stored fat in the body needs water to be properly metabolized. The process slows down if you intake less water and hence it becomes difficult to burn calories. Drink lots and lots of water.

Tip: If you drink a glass of water before your meal, you won’t feel so hungry.

5. Lighten the Foods you Love


You must be having craving for one food or the other. What I have experienced is that the best way to enjoy my favourite food without feeling deprived of it is to switch over to lower-calorie version. For instance, a pizza with the reduced-fat cheese tastes as better as the other one. Moreover, who notes these missing calories? While reducing those calories, boost your fiber as it will keep you satisfied for a longer time.

Lighten your drinks as well. If you like beer, go for a light version and use diet soda.

What if you hate low-cal drinks? Don’t worry, there is a way out. Just add a splash of the low-cal drink to your favourite one. Give your taste buds time to adjust and then increase the ratio.

6. Get Involved in things you Love


At times, it happens that we become so focused in our efforts to lose weight that it leads to lethargy. Boredom results in over eating. So involve yourself in things around or do what you love. If you are interested in politics, you can participate in local politics. Or maybe you have a creative mind and enjoy writing. Some of you may also love painting!

In short – Enjoy a life outside your weight-loss program.

7. Lose Today, BetterTomorrow


Finally, keep patience. It is not a tough task and at the same time you will come to know that once you start losing, maintaining that weight becomes easier with time. According to a study published in Obesity Research, researchers have found that people who lost at least 20 pounds — and maintained it for two years — required less effort with time.

By being patient you journey towards weight loss will be sweet.

The bonus will be your improved confidence in yourself, a positive mind and improved health.


So what do you think about these simple ways? If you have more ideas, do share.


Comments (8)

  • Wow! Losing weight seems to be so easy after reading your article..I am trying hard to loose weight but with no result as yet. I am sure these tips will surely help me shed some extra kilos..

    • Author

      Hi Swati
      Am sure these tips will surely help u alot. And yes keep trying and as mentioned in my last point be patient. You will surely achieve the desired results.
      Stay happy!

  • Great post ,Sonal
    All the points are right and I love the number 6,
    This is often forgotten and a good point
    because often,it is frustration and boredom people
    that people eat too much . If we get involved in things
    we love ,we forget about munchies 🙂 this too helps
    to lose weight.
    Thank you

    • Author

      Thanks Mam
      Even I feel this point us very important. When we have nothing to do we think lets eat something and thats not right. So it is better to keep ourselves engaged.

  • Good tips Sonal,

    Years ago when I was young (I’m a grandmother now!) I was not grossly overweight but looked chunky. I ate half a grapefruit for breakfast and a yogurt for lunch. Consequently I was starving by the end of the day and wanted to gorge on unhealthy foods. Of course I did not lose weight. It wasn’t until I started to eat 3 proper meals a day that the weight fell off me. Your point about eat and lose weight is very true. Our bodies think we are starving if we skip meals or starve ourselves and retains the weight.

    • Author

      Thanks Sandy

      It is true that people have a great misconception that by starving themselves they can lose weight. It is absolutely wrong. with proper diet and some small tips and tricks, they can lose weight.
      Am glad that you liked my post.

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