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Mehul Kumar asked 1 year ago

I am 17 years old. I am student of computer science. I need to sit a lot infront of my laptop for study. I have headache and I tried many medicines but no help. I am planning to go to doctor for eyecheck again. I have specs already.
Please help anyone with home remedy. I don’t want to eat so many tablets and capsules.

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Sonal Talwar Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Mehul
Headache and eyestrain is the common problem people experience due to sitting long hours in front of their computer screens. Whether we are working or studying we spend a lot of time in front of pc or laptop. You can prevent your headache with some simple changes in your environment and your lifestyle. Some of these are:
1. Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated
2. Try to rearrange your work area. Create a headache-free zone by dimming lights. Also, evaluate your chair and posture as potential headache triggers. Sit straight and supported, with your computer screen at eye level. Don’t strain your head up or down to see the screen.
3. Stress also leads to headache. Practice deep-breathing techniques and simple desk exercises such as neck and shoulder rotations to ease the pain of stress.
4. Sitting all day can be headache-inducing. Get 25 minutes of physical activity five times a week atleast. You can break this up throughout the day if you need to. Get up and walk around, take the stairs. Being active during your free time can also help prevent this type of headache.
5. Don’t neglect your food while studying. Hunger can be the cause of headache.
6. Keep a regular sleeping schedule.
I hope this helps!

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