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Manisha asked 1 year ago

Hi madam

I want to ask you that is there any health concerns for oral sex. I am a married for 6 months but never tried oral. but my husband is interested and I dont want to dissapoint him. this is why I want to ask if this is safe?

Also, on a personal note, is it good and necessary to do? I havenot done so far so hesitating. My husband do oral and I feel good and now I am feeling that I should give him the same pleasure too but i am concerned about health concerns. pl tell if it is fine and if there are anything to consider while doing it?

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Sonal Talwar Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Manisha
As you said you have never given oral sex, then it might be time to give it a try. Even if it’s something you’re not sure you’re interested in, you might be surprised to realize that it’s totally your thing and something you really enjoy.
Oral sex is perfectly healthy and you will definitely enjoy it! There is nothing to hesitate and yes it is an important part of foreplay for both of you. It increases the pleasure and excitement.

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