Rajlaxmi asked 2 years ago

my question is not about fitness but about relationship. I am married for 7 months and my husband lives in bangalore for his job. I am here with my inlaws. everything is good and all love me in his family. But, its just been 7 months and I am alone. I want him live with me but due to some reasons he cannot take me there with him.

My question is how to satisfy my body needs. I do control a lot but sometimes I feel alone. I want to live with him and enjoy our love together. For little satisfaction, we do sex chats, video calls but these are virtual.

He wont get leave from his office so much hence he can come home only once or twice a year.

Give me some tips to satisfy my needs. I cannot really live without fuck for longer. All the time I am fantasizing about the earlier intercourses done with my husband. To be honest, My husband lived only for 10 days after marriage and he had to go back to his work. In those 10 days, he fucked me only 4 times and since then I am alone.

Please don’t mind but for confidentiality, I am not using my real name here.

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Sonal Talwar Staff answered 1 year ago

Well I know that you must be feeling quite lonely without your husband as you are sexually more active.
There are many possibilities that you guys can try. First is if he can get his transfer as you said that possibility of you going to Bangalore is not there. Secondly you should talk to your husband about your problem and maybe he can come home frequently.
You can also try video chatting with him and share each other’s pictures. It will definitely satisfy you to a certain level.
But at the end of the day what I would suggest you is to talk to him and work out things in such a way that you can stay together. There is always a solution to the problem you just need to think about it and find out!

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