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rahul iyer asked 1 year ago

hi everyone
I am 19 and my eng. language teacher is 32. She has a good physic. I mean she has good overall figure. she is not like girls who wants zero size which I hate. she is good as she has nice body. When she started teaching me I didn’t have any thought like this.

She wears saree and low neck blose. She always wears sarees which are semi transparent. due to this, while she teaches me i cannot stop myself staring at her boobies as she has good ones and they are clearly visible to me.

I dont know if she does it deliberately to seduce me or I am just thinking like this. Please share your ideas what is right?

I don’t know if this is only sexual attraction or love. but, I feel sad when I am not with her. I enjoy my classes just because I am with her. I think i love her but I am equally sexually attracted too.

I want to tell you that she lives in a big house alone because her husband is travelling to different cities and countries due to his business. Is she feeling lonely because she is not able to spend time with her husband?

I am in dilemma. I love her and I want to sleep with her and love her both emotionally and physically. What to do? should I proceed and try to get a chance to fuck her with her concent? or should I stop going for classes.
What to do?
She is becoming addiction to me. all the time I am thinking of her and fantasizing about her. because of this, I masturbate a lot too. i fear this will effect my health??

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Sonal Talwar Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Rahul
This is a very difficult position to be in. When you have feelings for someone who you know is not for you, it really sucks. It seems like your mind just naturally goes to them.

My advice….

When you think about her, just take a pause and acknowledge that feeling. Then tell yourself that you are moving on and at the same time focus on something else. Start studying, listen to music, talk to your friend – whatever you like to do.

Get yourself involved in activities and keep your mind occupied. Classes, hobbies, sports. Don’t just do them, throw yourself into them.
What you think is love might just be infatuation or teen obsession which is very common at this age. So replace one obsession with another.

Just think that after sometime you get married.. if some other guy falls in love with your wife and he is mad about her.. ! How would you feel…?? You are just assuming that your teacher is feeling lonely….stop assuming things.
Keep in touch with her. Be kind to her. Maintain the distance between a teacher and a student.
The rest will work itself out.

That’s my best advice.

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