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Puneet Karmakar asked 1 year ago

Dear sirs and Madams out here. I want to clear something with your expert suggestions.

I am 18 years old. From 1 year around I am noticing a big change. When I see a hot girl, my penish gets hard even though I don’t think anything. It is getting emabarrassing sometimes when I hangout with my friends and this happens.

I feel shy sharing this with anyone. Please help. I read it is natural but its happening quite often. I am more attracted to aged ladies, when I see them I cannot control and I have to jerk out.

because of this much hardness and sexual desires I masturbate a lot. I am tensed. I want help.

What can we do to reduce this problem

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Sonal Talwar Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Puneet
Probably no one help you keep erections from happening even when you don’t want them to, since that’s just something outside someone’s control. Worry less and accept the way your body is right now.
We hear lot of guys upset about this. I certainly understand why and how it can be really upsetting. It’s a big deal to have your body announce to someone else that you are physically stimulated or turned on, especially if happens at times where you’re not ready to share that with someone else, don’t want to share that information.

When you are turned on your body responds in a distinctive way. During puberty, erection does tend to happen a lot, and ejaculation tends to happen easily and often quickly with little warning. Your brain and body can be very easily stimulated by sights, sounds, smells, being touched, or touching someone. Sometimes those things are sexual, sometimes they’re sensual.

It can often take very little sensory stimulation of any kind, or very little sexual thought, for the pistons in your brain and the nerves in your pelvis to fire and send signals that move blood to your genitals. Younger men get a lot of what’s called “reflex erections,” meaning you might not be feeling sexual, or having sexual thoughts, but your body reacts to any given kind of stimulation as if you are or were.

Your testosterone levels before puberty are very low. When you enter puberty, they start surging, and usually before the time you’re twenty, they’ll get as high as they ever get. That has an awful lot to do with the awful lot of erections you’re getting as well as with ejaculating. Your body just doesn’t have a lot of control right now over that. Like erection, ejaculation is mostly about responses and signals from your brain and central nervous system. You can ejaculate without experiencing orgasm.

As you get older, while erection can still happen on the fly, it’s much more likely to happen mostly when you’re sexually aroused and engaged. As you get older, how quickly and easily you ejaculate will also probably happen less often, less quickly, and be more under your control.
Hope it helps!

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