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Rajni gupta asked 1 year ago

Dear admin

my question is sexual health related. hope it is fine to ask since this is healthh blog.

I read a few question and answers. i am sure you can help me with some solution too.

I am married 5 weeks ago. I never had sex before. on the first night when me and my husband when got intimated, it was fine and we were really enjoying but when he started to fuck I started to feel intense pain in my back. I dont know if it is normal or not because I never had sex before. and as long as I know on the first night pain happens but not in back. the pain was so intense I was not able to enjoy with him. my pain was keep on increasing and dint reduced which i expected.

After he finished up I was not able to sit or stand for at least 30 mints because of back pain.

I dont get this pain normally but when he starts pushing, pain gets started

What can be the reason of such backpain while sex?

I asked a doctor about this and she gave me a tablet but that too is not effective.


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Sonal Talwar Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Rajni
Yes this is the right platform to ask the question. Back pain is one of the most popular health problems faced by both men and women while having sex.  The best thing is to consult a doctor. You can also follow some of these tips but they are not to replace the guidance of a doctor.
There are some positions which can cause back pain

  1. For men and women with back pain the doggie style might be painful or any positions where you are arching your back.
  2. Women with back pain may also find that lying flat on their back with no pillows to support the head may place too much pressure on the spine during sex.
  3. Likewise lying flat on your stomach with no supports under the belly may also cause spinal pain.

Things that can help to prevent or ease back pain prior to sex

  1. Exercise to strengthen your core muscles including your abs.
  2. Yoga is another way to increase abdominal strength and improve back pain.
  3. Taking a relaxing warm bath with your partner prior to sexual intercourse can not only set a romantic mood but can relax your back muscles.
  4. Giving and receiving a massage prior to sex can be a wonderful form of foreplay and can also help to loosen muscles.

Sexual Positions for back pain sufferers

  1. Rolled up towels or pillows can be used in numerous ways to make things more comfortable during sex and prevent back pain.
  2. Side by Side Position
  3. Spooning: In this position the woman lies on her side as her partner penetrates from behind.
  4. Chair sex

I hope it helps!

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