How you can spray away body pain

How you can spray away body pain
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Moov pain relief spray is the best antidote to body pain and niggling aches. Here’s why you should stock up on Moov spray today.

Body ache and pain is an integral part of every person’s life. Most people think that body aches are a result of high activity phases or overwork – but even those with sedentary lifestyles may suffer! The point is, the proper functioning of the body is dependent on optimal activity levels – too little or too much can cause pain.

But some people are more prone to muscle and tissue distress than others. The ones at higher risk of frequent aches and pains are:

  • Athletes and sportspersons
  • Homemakers who do not have help with their daily chores
  • Frequent travellers
  • Those working in physically challenging jobs
  • Those prone to muscle soreness and inflammation
  • People with incorrect body posture and gait


What can be done to combat pain?

1 Get active

It might seem counterproductive to indulge in exercise if the body is already aflame with stress-induced pain. However, exercise alleviates many of the symptoms of fatigue and stress. Even a 15-minute brisk walk can loosen the muscles, improve blood circulation to the painful areas and relieve soreness. Do not overdo exercise on a painful muscle, but do get it moving with a walk or light jog. You might even go cycling or swimming to restore muscle and tissue function.

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2 Get sufficient rest

At the same time, it is important to remember that the body responds with pain signals so that one may slow down and relax. Often, exertion and stress can cause the brain to activate its pain receptors, leading to an increased feeling of aches in the body. This is the time to rest and get good quality sleep. The body heals itself to a large extent as you sleep, so getting at least seven hours of shuteye is crucial for muscle recovery. If you have been sleeping for long periods of time but still wake up stiff and achy, it is best to consult a physiotherapist.

3 Eat balanced meals

The food you consume goes a long way in promoting muscle, tissue and cell repair and restoration. Junk food, or food excessively flavoured with salt/sugar/oil can upset digestion and rob the body of nutrients. Instead, fresh home-cooked meals are the best. They rev up the metabolism, promote blood oxygenation and circulation, and help with tissue and muscle restoration. Remember to consume all major food groups and cut down on salt, sugar and caffeine.

Stock up on Moov pain relief spray

Your best buddy in the fight against body stiffness, aches and pains is a good spray or pain relieving cream. The market is awash in these products, all attractively packaged and promising to deliver the best pain relieving results. But after trying several of them and not receiving the kind of pain alleviation you have been looking for, you may understandably be irritated by most pain relieving products.

Which is why you should switch to Moov. Moov has the best pain relief spray ever – its unique formulation seeps into the skin at once upon application. From there, it goes to the tissues and muscles and gets to work on the source of the pain/inflammation. You will notice a definite change in how the body reacts to Moov, the best pain relief spray – the pain goes away faster and stays away longer, too.

Millions of Indians trust Moov, the best pain relief spray, to help them through phases of pain that vary in intensity and complexity. There’s always a cure for that niggling back ache and pain, and that cure lies in Moov pain relief spray.

But you should consult a doctor if…

  • There is sharp, excruciating pain in a muscle, or you notice a swelling. It may be the result of a ligament or tendon tear or injury. Physiotherapy may be required in this case.
  • You might notice regular swelling with pain on a certain part of the body, particularly the ankles. This may be a sign of overwork, but it might also be something else. Swelling occurs as a result of fluid build-up around the site of an internal injury, so it is best to get it checked.
  • Chronic pain cannot be treated at home. Be sure to consult a doctor for the same and undergo treatment.
  • Muscle spasms and cramps may occur as a result of overexertion, but if they occur in your sleep or when you’re sitting at your desk, it might be a neurological issue that a scan can shed light upon.


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    For the cramps, I usually feel them when I stop working out for a quite long time, when I go back to the gym they all disappear. Yet such a product could be usefull for my friends who can not resume their workouts for some circumstances.

    Keep up the nice work!

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