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Kiss Day 2018: Express Your Love In The Most Unforgettable Manner

Kiss Day 2018: Express Your Love In The Most Unforgettable Manner
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Here is the seventh day of the Valentine Week and it is Kiss Day 2018. This day is very popular among the couples who wait for a golden chance to kiss their loved ones and express their love. The whole week is spent in gifting roses, chocolates and teddies before the arrival of Kiss Day on February 13.

A kiss is a sweet gesture, shared with a person whom you trust and who has a special place in your heart. It is a way to express your love to someone, whether your friend or lover or your parents. A kiss represents the feelings of love, affection and respect for each other. It is said that a person never forgets his/her first kiss as it becomes the first and one of the most special experience of their lives. It can be as simple as a peck on the cheek and as romantic as a French kiss.

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech...” – Ingrid Bergman Click To Tweet

A kiss also has health benefits as the process involves about 34 facial and 112 postural muscles. One of the ‘kissing muscles’ Orbicularis oris is used to pull together the lips around. Doctors say a romantic kiss helps in reducing stress level, freshening the mind and body, burning calories, lowering bad blood cholesterol and helps to keep the heart away from chronic diseases.

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You probably want to have plenty of lip-locks on this Valentine’s Day. Try to make this Kiss Day 2018 memorable with some creative kissing tricks. Each kiss has a meaning. (Read:Rose DayPropose Day , Chocolate Day , Teddy Day , Promise Day , Hug Day , Valentine’s Day)

10 Different types of kisses to try on Kiss Day 2018

On this Valentine’s Day, try these different types of kisses with your lover.

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Kiss Day 2018

  1. The Forehead Kiss – The kiss on the forehead is the way to express your admiration for the other person.
  2. The Hand Kiss – Gently take the hand of your beloved, hold it with your fingers and kiss on the back side of the palm.
  3. The French Kiss – Popular among the couples, the French kiss is the most romantic of all the different types of kisses. A lot of tongue movement is involved in the French Kiss.
  4. The Single-Lip Kiss –Take hold of one of the lips of your partner and suck it gently by holding it between your lips. It’s a great way to romance.
  5. The Earlobe Kiss –Move your lips up and down on the earlobe of your lover or beloved. To make it more passionate use your tongue during the Earlobe kiss.
  6. The Upside-Down Kiss – Also known as the Spiderman kiss, in this type of a kiss, you kiss your partner by going upside down like a superhero. So your lower lip kisses your partner’s upper one and vice versa.
  7. Lingering Lip Kiss – A long kiss involving only lips with no involvement of tongue. Filled with lots of passion it expresses profound love for your lover or beloved.
  8. The Neck Kiss – Kiss on your lover’s neck to show intimacy. Use only the lips and suck it gently.
  9. The Biting Kiss – Similar to the French kiss only with one difference that it involves the use of both tongue and teeth. Softly grab your beloved’s tongue and feel the intimate pleasure.
  10. The Teaser Kiss – Want to turn on your lover or beloved? Teaser Kiss is the best one. Seen mostly in the movies, the kiss begins with the forehead moving down to the lips and finally hands.

With so many different types of kisses, kissing can be fun. Just find out the type of kiss you enjoy the most with your partner. Do watch out this amazing video on Kiss Day and share it with your love.

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“Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.” – Bernard Meltzer Click To Tweet

Now that you are ready to try all these different kisses with your lover, it’s important to do it the right way. It should be the kiss that makes your beloved desire more.

How to Kiss

How to kiss Kiss Day 2018

Follow these steps to augment the romantic moments:

  1. Fresh breath – Make sure your breath is fresh or smells nice such as minty or sweet.
  2. Kissable lips There is attractiveness in soft kissable lips that hypnotize and beckon you. Try to keep your lips as alluring as they can be.
  3. It starts with the Eyes – Just the moment when you are about to kiss, taking an extra split-second to gaze deeply in your lover’s or beloved’s eyes will heighten the romance. Who knows a kiss might lead to a smooch?
  4. Don’t settle with a single kiss – Yes, it’s a Kiss Day but that doesn’t mean you have to stop after a single kiss.

Brush up on your kissing skills and make sure you get plenty of them – that’s what Kiss Day is all about!

Happy Kiss Day 2018!!!

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