10 Diabetes Myths Busted!
Can people with diabetes eat potatoes? Is your blood glucose affected by fruits and veggies? Is drinking alcohol safe for diabetics? These are some of the questions that pop up in the minds of people with diabetes. As per the latest statistics, around 65 million Indians suffer from different levels and different types of diabetes.… (15 comments)

9 Healthy Eating Tips from Around the World
A glass of red wine or a spicy cuisine… A traditional Chinese diet or a rich French meal….. Variety is the spice of life and the essential ingredient to stay healthy. Want to look young and feel lively and active? The solution lies in the diverse healthy eating habits of people around the world. By… (47 comments)

Quit Smoking to Live Longer!
There was a time when people could smoke anywhere and everywhere – almost in all public places. You could see cigarette ads all around. But today we are aware about the harmful effects of smoking. Smoking is banned in public places and cigarette companies are not permitted to advertise. Millions of people across the world… (46 comments)

10 Amazing reasons to Smile everyday!
It happens with most of us as we walk down the road or go for a coffee at a local café – a stranger smile at us and we smile back. Smiling just happens – you don’t give it a thought before doing so. When we watch our friend doing something really silly, we smirk….… (29 comments)

How to achieve your New Year Resolutions in 2016
What comes to your mind when you think about New Year? New Year messages and cards… New Year wishes… New Year’s Eve… New Year Party… New Year’s Resolutions….. New Beginnings… Promise for a bright future…so on New Year’s Eve is around the corner. The year 2015 is about to end and we will enter the… (14 comments)

A Happy and a Healthy Christmas!
Christmas is a prominent time to pamper yourself and indulge in delicious festive meals. But don’t let this be the signal to stuff yourself! Living in India, Christmas may not be our traditional festival but it is celebrated with a lot of gung-ho. There are cakes, chocolates, cookies and no doubt alcohol. It is the… (14 comments)

How healthy is your cup of Tea?
Want to cool down in a hot summer month or warm yourself up in winters – Tea is an enticing brew. Personally I love tea and that’s how I begin my day. From centuries, people all over the world have been using various types and mixtures of tea not only for its essence and taste… (25 comments)

4 Key Pillars of Perfect Health
Life in a city is so busy that every person finds himself or herself overcommitted. Every morning when I get up and move out, I see people running after buses or metros. It’s a race against time. People are juggling between several priorities and have no time for themselves even let alone the others. It… (20 comments)