World Yoga Day 2017: Health Benefits of Yoga
Over the last few decades, there has been an increase in the popularity of yoga. Not only research has proved the health benefits of yoga, but also medical professionals and celebrities are adopting and recommending yoga for health. While some consider yoga as just another trend and associate it with new age mysticism, others vow… (22 comments)

What is the Best Protein Powder?
Whether you are new to the fitness industry or you have been visiting supplement shops for years, you have likely gone through the search for the best protein product out there.  If you check out online websites and vitamin shops, you will find that not only is there a variety of brands but also a… (6 comments)

World Health Day 2017: Depression, Let’s talk
World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7th April across the world. The day marks the beginning of World Health Organization (WHO). The aim of the day is to draw attention of the people towards important global health issues. WHO or World health Organization, is a working body under the UN which deals with…

How you can spray away body pain
Moov pain relief spray is the best antidote to body pain and niggling aches. Here’s why you should stock up on Moov spray today. Body ache and pain is an integral part of every person’s life. Most people think that body aches are a result of high activity phases or overwork – but even those… (1 comment)

This summer, we wish you health!
The temperature is getting higher and the days are getting longer. It′s summer time! Summers not only brings mangoes and icy stuff with it but also many diseases that affect your health. This summer, we wish you health! There are many diseases that are specific to the summers. Some of them are not harmful and… (1 comment)

How Cancer affects People Emotionally, Socially & Economically
Just hearing your doctor say cancer has a deep impact on a person’s life. You feel that your life and your world is shattered. Doctors and scientists have made significant advancement in the early diagnosis and treatment of many different types of cancers. This has increased life expectancy to the extent that many patients can…

10 Best Dentist WordPress Themes For Successful Clinic
Dentist has always been tough but at the same time profitable profession. These days it is more than real to empower this business with top notch dentist WordPress themes. A clinic for every dentist is the second home where he/she helps people with their dental problems. Nowadays it is not easy to bring your business…