Valentine’s Day Love poems
Love Poems are the way to express the passion and longing of love. To fall in love is the greatest feeling. To be in love makes one feel alive and special. To love and care for the most special person in our life give us the greatest pleasure. What better way to express love than… (4 comments)

9 Healthy Eating Tips from Around the World
A glass of red wine or a spicy cuisine… A traditional Chinese diet or a rich French meal….. Variety is the spice of life and the essential ingredient to stay healthy. Want to look young and feel lively and active? The solution lies in the diverse healthy eating habits of people around the world. By… (47 comments)

15 Lifestyle Changes to be Truly Happy
Happiness comes from within and this fact cannot be denied. But at times we fail to realize that we are killing our happiness in many ways. The pursuit of happiness is the basic human right and despite all the freedom available to us, most of us are not able to attain this state of happiness.… (22 comments)