A Positive Mind is a Key to Good Health

A Positive Mind is a Key to Good Health
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This happened to me and maybe to every one of you at some time or the other in life: We are sitting in a group, maybe in school or in college, in office or at the gym – we can’t understand the theory of modernism, we can’t achieve new heights in office, or you just can’t lift those heavy weights.

What do we do in such a situation? Instead of giving ourselves a small break and the time to focus to reason out things, we get annoyed and upset and want to quit everything. Is that the solution to the problem? Absolutely not! The solution is to have a positive outlook and stop thinking negative. It is not very difficult, you just need to:

Change your point of view: For instance, keep telling yourself that you are healthy to exercise!! This confidence will make you passionate for working out. With this passion in yourself, just a few hours of hard work will drastically bring a positive change in your life!

Clear your mind: Talk to your friend or your family member. A vent to your pent-up thoughts will clear your mind and take you in the positive direction.

Don’t sweat the small stuff: Stop worrying about those small and meager things in life. Enjoy, keep a positive attitude and stay happy. This will keep all your loved ones also happy!


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Now the question that pops up is that will a positive and fit mind lead to a fit body. Yes it will! You just need to manage a proper mind-body balance.

Mind-Body Balance

To shift from the state of imbalance to the state of balance, you need to have a healthy dialogue between thoughts and body. To achieve this balance what you need to do is:

1. Every day take out some time to meditate and relax your mind

During meditation you will be in a state where your body is at rest but your mind is awake. Meditation will give you supreme relaxation and dissolve all your stresses. Stress-free body is no doubt a healthy body!

2.Eating healthy is very important

A healthy diet will give you a healthy body and a healthy mind. A balanced diet is the one which includes all tastes from sweet to bitter, and from salty to sour.

3.Regular exercise will give unbelievable benefits to both mind and body

Exercise will not only keep the body young but also develop emotional happiness. If you have a positive mind, the chances of going to a gym increase. When you feel low, you no doubt don’t want to go for a work out but just want to lie down in your couch. It is a kind of vicious cycle. Exercise boosts endorphins which make our mood better. So whenever you are low, just go and hit the gym. It will bring a smile on your face. As a result, going to the gym will be regular and you will achieve your goal. And now that your goal is achieved you feel more happy and positive! The cycle is complete.

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4.Restful sleep is vital for your health

I come across so many people who boast about how with little sleep also they can go on. In fact, both little sleep and over sleep disturb the natural body balance. It reduces the immune system and thus leads to weight gain.

5.Create affectionate relationships

Do you know that a good social network can give you both physical and intellectual health benefits? If you are not lonely and feel positive about yourself, you are in a better condition to deal with problems and stress. There are people around who can suggest you ways to deal with your problems.

6.A good laugh atleast once a day will give you a proper mind-body balance

It reduces the stress hormones and also improves the immunity system.

In short, a firm and strong mind promotes healthy body. It is the mind which gives up before the body does. So if your mind is strong, your body too will be.

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Comments (12)

  • Very informative and encouraging article sonal…I will surely try to follow atleast some of the advisory tips…keep up the good work…

    • Author

      Hi Swati
      Thanks for liking it. I hope you will try to follow them and keep yourself away from stress. Stop botheting yourself over small things. Have a healthy mind and a healthy body.

  • Hi Sonal,
    a great post and so true
    exercise is very important and
    walking is the best and does not cost anything.
    While walking in a nice spot,we even can meditate
    and breath deeply,this is very beneficial to our mind
    and body, besides a good healthy diet.
    Thank you
    Very good advice 🙂

    • Author

      Hello Mam
      Thanks for appreciating my efforts. Very true that walking is the best exercise. I myself go for a daily walk and that too in a natural surroundings. Its gives peace of mind and takes away all the stress.

  • Hey SOna,
    Yes dear A positive mind can handle ever situation , every problem . at this stage apart from blogging i’m a student and this post is really very helpful for me .
    because sometime due to load of work i become frustrated so here found some useful tips for me.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Author

      Hi Siddharth
      Great that you found these tips useful.
      Keep your mind positive and you will touch great heights.

  • Interesting & informative article.

    Keep up the good work !

  • Hi Sonal,

    All excellent tips!
    It really does require a mindset based on overall well-being. That’s the only way it sticks.
    I happen to enjoy meditation as well for many reasons. It rounds out the practice and keeps you present.

    • Author

      Hi Dana
      You are absolutely right…meditation is one of the great options. It gives inner peace which ultimately is reflected in the overall bodily health.

      • Sonal,
        Yes dear Mediation is good method but dear mostly people never do in a proper way because it’s not easy.
        and this post is really mind blowing related to positive mind and here i found many helpful myths of life which are related to same as my life.

        Thanks 🙂

        • Author

          Hi Siddharth
          You are right, meditation needs to be done in a proper way. Am glad that you found the post helpful. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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