14 Amazing Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey

14 Amazing Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey
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The combination of natural ingredients works great to cure many conditions. One of such amazing combination is of cinnamon and honey. This combination has been used for centuries to promote general well being and cure many conditions and ailments. The health benefits of cinnamon and honey are many. It has been used for centuries in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine.

Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices used in India that is known for its medicinal and beauty benefits. And honey is still called as “Yogavahi” in the Ayurvedic scriptures, which means “the carrier of the healing values to the nerves and tissues”.

When honey is combined with any other beneficial spice or herb such as cinnamon, it enhances the medicinal qualities of that herb by extending its impact deeper into the tissues and nerves in the human body.

We have all heard about the beauty benefits of honey such as in hair packs and face packs but do you know that it also has many medicinal benefits and also helps in weight loss?

The essential oils present in cinnamon and various enzymes present in honey together produces hydrogen peroxide making it an excellent anti-microbial that prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey

Let’s have a look at the health benefits of cinnamon and honey combined together.

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1. Reduces Bad Cholesterol

reduces-bad-cholesterol health benefits of cinnamon and honey

Honey and cinnamon have the ability to lower your cholesterol levels. And, when you combine them, it just doubles the effect. Studies reveal that consumption of the cinnamon and honey mixture reduces the cholesterol level in the body by more than 20%. In one cup of tea, add a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of cinnamon powder. Drink twice a day to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body.

2. Reduces Joint Pain & Arthritis

One of the major health benefits of cinnamon and honey is that it provides relief to people suffering from excessive joint pains in knees and elbows. Chronic arthritis can also be cured, if you consume this mixture daily. In one cup of hot water, add 1 teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and drink it immediately. Consumed this twice a day, in the morning and evening..

3. Provides relief for Upset Stomach

The mixture of honey and cinnamon can also improve your digestion, alleviate gas, and ease stomach pain. Honey dissolved in lukewarm water along with cinnamon powder, solves the problem of indigestion. It reduces stomach ache and eradicates stomach ulcers from the very roots. Cinnamon is widely popular in curing diarrhoea and reduces bloating of the stomach. It also reduces the acidity and helps in proper digestion of food.

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4. Reduces Hair Fall

reduces-hair-fall health benefits of cinnamon and honey

One of the major health benefits of cinnamon and honey is that it helps to reduce your hair loss. Mixture of cinnamon and honey in equal quantities along with olive oil helps increase the blood circulation in your scalp.This results in healthier hair and better growth.

5. Remedy for Fatigue

Many people believe that consuming the mixture of honey and cinnamon builds up vitality in about a week. The honey will give you a nice little boost without raising your blood sugar levels. Just keep this aromatic spice and a jar of organic honey at work and you can sip on a nice cup of tea in the afternoon. You will definitely feel refreshed.

6. Cure for Common Cold

cure-for-common-cold health benefits of cinnamon and honey

When it comes to common cold we will try anything and everything. Next time you have cold, try this remedy as both honey and cinnamon have anti-fungal, antiviral, and antibacterial effects so it shouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. In a cup of lukewarm water, add a teaspoon of honey. Then add a pinch of cinnamon powder and black pepper powder. Mix well and drink it thrice a day.

7. Help against Diabetes

The sweet and spicy mixture of honey and cinnamon can help people who suffer from Type 2 diabetes. Cinnamon has long been recognized for reducing blood sugar levels, and honey is also found to have the same effect. You can add both ingredients to your oatmeal in the morning and to a nice cup of your favorite hot tea as well.

8. Maintains Healthy Heart

maintains-healthy-heart health benefits of cinnamon and honey

Coming to yet another health benefits of cinnamon and honey – consuming the mixture on a daily basis along with proper diet and exercise prevents heart problems. It clears the blocked arteries.

9. Helps getting rid of Pimples

Do you know that the honey and cinnamon mixture is extremely beneficial for curing pimples and blemish marks? Take 3 teaspoons of honey and add a pinch of cinnamon powder to make a paste of this. Apply this on the pimples and leave it overnight. Wash your face the next morning with warm water. Your pimples will fade away within a week.

10. Helps in Weight Loss

helps-in-weight-loss health benefits of cinnamon and honey

You might think that honey has a negative effect when using it for weight loss. Nonetheless, it has a healthier glycemic index than regular white sugar. Therefore, a combination of these two can help you drop some extra pounds. Mix 2 teaspoon of honey with a pinch of cinnamon powder in lukewarm water. Drink regularly before breakfast and before sleeping. This does not allow that fat to accumulate in the body when consumed regularly.

11.  Reduces Bad Breath

Tired of bad breath and want a permanent solution, try this mixture. In a glass of hot water, mix equal amounts of honey and cinnamon powder and gargle regularly every morning. This helps to fight bad breath making your mouth feel fresh.

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12. Relief from Skin Infections

Both honey and cinnamon have various antibacterial qualities and are efficient in taking care of several bacterial as well as fungal infections. Various skin infections like eczema, ringworm etc can be cured by applying the mixture of honey and cinnamon powder over the affected areas. It also helps to fight off the bacterial and fungal infections.

13. Impotency 

Try it and see the difference! Add one teaspoon of cinnamon in to 300 ml hot water. Leave it for 15 minutes to cool down. Add one tablespoon of raw, manuka or organic honey. Drink half of it before breakfast and the remaining half before going to bed.

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14. Boosts Immune System

Keep you immune system strong and diseases will not touch you. Both the ingredients are anti-bacterial and anti-viral making the body strong enough to fight and kill harmful bacteria and viruses. Honey also contains vitamins and minerals providing the body with essential nutrients.

These were the top 14 health benefits of cinnamon and honey mixture. Try them and stay healthy!

Take care and keep it stylish!

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  • We very importantly know it Honey is very Best for our body.Thanks for sharing it for amazing tips.

  • Hi Sonal,

    I knew that honey and cinnamon had health benefits individually but I hadn’t really thought of combining them.

    There are several conditions in your list above where I could benefit from a bit of help – especially the joint pain and arthritis.

    Cinnamon and honey sounds a lovely drink in any case, regardless of all the health benefits. Will certainly give this a try. Thanks.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  • Sonal,

    Wow. Those are a lot of great benefits. I put cinnamon in my coffee every morning when I’m at home, but I rarely add honey to anything. Now, I will combine the two.
    However, you mentioned adding olive oil. That seems a bit odd. Do you just put one teaspoon or tablespoon of each – in hot water?

    Dr. Erica

    • Author

      Hi Erica

      I love cinnamon in my tea especially in winters. Honey is a must for me in cold as it not only has health benefits but is also good for dry skin in winters. Its just one teaspoon Erica.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • I love this post. This is especially true considering I add both ingredients to my daily coffee.

  • Wow, sounds like a bit of a miracle Sonal! I’ve heard of many wonderful uses for honey but this is the first time I’ve heard it combined with cinnamon. I have both on hand and enjoy those flavors so I think I’ll give this a try. Thanks!

    • Author

      Hi Marquita

      I love honey in winters. Apart from health benefits, it keeps my skin glowing.

      Thanks for writing in!

  • Hi Sonal,

    I use honey for the common cold and to cook things with, but didn’t know how beneficial it is in so many ways.

    After reading this, I will be adding more honey to my diet. Thanks a bunch,


  • Hi Sonal,

    Health is the most important things for a human being. You cannot think of enjoying your life without a sound body and mind.

    I was not aware about the health benefits of cinnamon.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Obviously, Honey is a great thing to make a person healthy. If it is eaten everyday, will it be harmful?

  • I had never heard of the suggestion of using honey and cinnamon as a way to help with skin conditions. I will have to try that and let you know how it goes. Have you any personal experience with that?

    • Author

      Hi Jordan

      Yes I have tried it, it is really good for the skin.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hi Sonal
    Thank you for the informative post.My mom always gives me honey in the morning with some basak leaves juice. She said it will protect me from cold allergy.i always ignore it.But now when i read this post i understand how honey can protect us from disease.You said about Cinnamon.now i said my mom to gives me honey and Cinnamon mixed with it.thank u for this beautiful post.your article always satisfy me in so many ways.one query can i eat honey everyday?and is it increase fat?

    • Author


      Well you should have honey evry morning when your mother gives you. Don’t worry it will not make you fat. Have it with lukewarm water.

  • you can also mix honey with onion juice to get Full benefit
    to prevent failing of hair . thank you Sonal for this useful information

  • Hey Sonal,

    Great to be here again :), and as usual, this is yet another eye-opening post. I love honey a lot, but that’s mostly because it tastes so sweet. Although I know it’s medicinal, but I never knew it has lots of health benefits.

    Funny enough, this is the first time I’m hearing of “Cinnamon.” Perhaps, It’s because I’m not an Indian 🙂

    As always, thanks for sharing.

  • After reading this excellent post, I am educated. I never think the cinnamon has so much benefits. Keep it in my note.

  • we are using honey and cinnamon for our day to day uses but didn’t know about this fact that really helpful to us. these little two condiments do a big miracle on the health side. good article and keep it up.

  • I love Cinnamon, i have cut all added sugar to my diet at the moment and I find that Cinnamon helps me to stop craving sugar. Im day 8 into my detox and looking to get to Xmas day then maybe have some chocolate. Im not a huge sugar fan but I did go through a headaches day which I presume was a reaction to the sugar cut.

    • Author

      Hi Dexter

      You are right. For some people cinnamon helps to stop craving sugar.

      Enjoy your chocolates and cake on Christmas!

  • Wow, I would never think of using honey and cinnamon for weight loss. I am going to try this immediately. Thanks for the tip.

  • Great article, I never thought about combining both honey and cinnamon. Thanks for summarizing all the benefits, I will be sure to share this post.

  • i would never think that honey and cinnamon will help us in a different way and that’s sounds good. thank you for the fact. keep up the good work

  • WOW, that’s really unique, I have never heard of it, but as you have written is article is quite engaging and amazing I am looking forward to trying out a result on this.

  • Wow! Such a nice read! Very informative! These two are a miracle for living a healthy life. Also, cinnamon blends really well with honey for breads, cookies, and especially teas; enjoying their taste and aroma plus the hidden benefits of the two are perfect. Thanks for sharing the benefits of honey and cinnamon!

    • Author

      Hi Evan

      thansk for taking time out and sharing your views! Glad to know that you found the post useful!

  • Hi Sonal,

    great tips! Will keep them in mind!

    I’m always using honey as a natural sweetener in almost all of my recipes. I am doing this since last summer and already lost 6 pounds.

    Warm regards,

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