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15 Valentine’s Day Tips and Ideas

15 Valentine’s Day Tips and Ideas
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On this Valentine’s Day, What is more important for you – to love … or to be loved?

I guess most of you would agree with what George Eliot said, “I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved.”

I prefer both.

“I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved.”- George Eliot Click To Tweet

Valentine’s Day is the time when you have the opportunity to experience both. It is the day of celebration of love.

Lovers wait for this special day throughout the year to get into the feeling of romance. Most of them get tips and ideas to impress their lover by watching romantic movies or reading love stories. Others try to create their own unique style of celebration.

Are you love-struck? If yes then you ought to make Valentine’s Day special for your beloved. Going out for a dinner or giving flowers is cliché. Why not try doing something different this Valentine’s Day 2016. (Read: Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day)

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Here are some Valentine’s Day tips and ideas for you to tell your Valentine “I love you.

1. Take small pieces of paper and make note cards. Write different types of kisses on them such as forehead kiss, hand kiss, French kiss, butterfly kiss etc. Fill a red bag with all your kisses and give it to your beloved. Then ask him or her to pull out each paper one by one and give her the kiss described on it.

2. Prepare a book of reasons “I Love You” and surprise him or her by serving it on a plate in the morning. This can be the best Valentine gift.

Valentine's Day

3. Take your Valentine out for a romantic dinner. If you want to be at home then the dinner prepared by both is the best thing. The perfect food and ambiance, containing home-made delicacies and champagne, and a romantic movie with your lover, what more could one ask for.

4. If you are a creative person write a love poem for her. Go to her workplace and surprise her with a bunch of red roses and read a love poem for her.

Valentine's Day

5. Take your spouse for a special getaway. You can take her for a boat ride. Romance while the boat takes you on an ocean ride.

6. Take a bouquet of roses and gift it to your wife. On each rose attach a card which contains a note of future date on which you will do something that she enjoys.

7. You can also plan a date in a restaurant where you first met your beloved. Share your favourite memories of the past year.

8. If you manage to get the privacy and the weather permits you, enjoy a romantic movie on a deck or patio

Valentine's Day

9. Prepare the dinner containing all the symbols of love. For example, make a heart shaped cake and write “I Love You” with beans. Fill the rooms with balloons.

10. On Valentine’s Day when your husband comes back home from work, surprise him with a welcome note. Leave a trail of different types of kisses on the notes wrapped in red paper leading to your bedroom.

Valentine's Day

11. Pamper your beloved as much as you can. Try out the spa session together. It will definitely fill you with delight.

12. Relive the moments when you fell in love. Visit the same places again and try doing same things. You will see the sparks of love flying all over.

13. If you love to travel, go out for a vacation. Choose some romantic destination and enjoy those intimate moments of your relationship.

Valentine's Day

14. Send flirty messages to your lover throughout the day. Remind him or her that you are thinking about them.

15. Go for a moonlit walk with your lover. Enjoy your day of love to the fullest possible way possible and make it your best Valentine’s Day ever.


These are just few Valentine’s Day tips and ideas to share with your lover/husband or beloved/wife. Go ahead and enjoy the Day! Also Read  Valentine’s Day Love Quotes and Sayings

If you have more ideas, do share them.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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  • Hi, Sonal!
    One of the best post indeed I have read on Valentines Day. You have written this article so well, it was all more than interesting as well as entertaining. You are a great writer. Thanks for sharing this awesome article with us. Best of luck for your future and happy Valentines day in advance.

    • Author

      Hi Imran

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  • Hi Sonal, Wonderful ideas about valentine day. This way people can enjoy valentine day differently and feel special.. Hope this valentine will be really memorable.
    sazia kazias recently posted…Herbal Beautician Course-Tan and Sunburn Treatment through natural Fruits and Eatables for Men and WomenMy Profile

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      Hi Sazia

      Glad that you liked the ideas. So choose the best for you and enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

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  • Hi Sonal Di
    Awesome list indeed. I can’t do somethings listed above but many of the things are going to be happen. 🙂
    Really nice post . thank you 🙂
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  • Hi Sonal,
    Happy Valentines Day to YOU!
    So many wonderful ideas in your great articles that you have written this week.
    propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Valentine’s Day
    A favorite subject for you.
    For my Valentines Day we shared a card and a wonderful video that I sent to my
    husband’s computer. We share an office. It was Willy Nelson’s Someone to watch
    over me. Oh and a wonderful dinner out. Hope your day was special too!
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      Hi Kathryn

      Thanks for your wonderful feedback. Well not a favorite but love to write about it.

      Vow! Great you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Ya my day was special as it was my mom’s birthday as well.

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