Treadmills? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Treadmills? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart
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Treadmills provide versatile, indoor exercise option, which can provide a venue for either running or walking. Most treadmills measure your distance and speed as you work out, which can increase your motivation and efficiency in exercising. Treadmills are also a suitable form of exercise if you are recovering from a physical injury and as the ability to use handrails while walking on a smooth surface may enable you to exercise when you couldn’t do so outdoors. The health benefits of treadmill use are wide-ranging.

Tips for a better treadmill workout

The treadmill is the default winter weapon of choice to make sure that you can incrementally increase the workload and ensures increased fitness regardless of the weather outside. Having treadmill access means you to have zero excuses for missing that next run workout.



Be prepared

Running indoors when it is cold outside can be logistically challenging, to make sure you are hundred percent ready for a great treadmill workout, you need to have all the right gear and equipment to handle the indoor temps. Regardless of your pace, you will most likely get your sweat on. Wear your regular running shoes and just make sure they are clean. You want to keep yourself well-hydrated and as dry as possible. An easy to use a water bottle that you can operate with one hand is critical, and keeps the water as cold as possible. Find more details about treadmills here.

● Warm up right

It is all too easy to just jump on the treadmill and start cranking away at your set pace. Start easy and build it up to a brisk walk in the last minute. If you know your marathon pace, then jog for three minutes.

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● Focus on your cadence

The biggest difference between running indoors and outside is that on a treadmill the ground is moving while you stay in place. There are two ways to run faster: longer strides or more of the same length strides. Increased cadence is the easier part of the running faster equation, and it is a perfect place to get this done.

● Test your fitness

One of the biggest challenges to moving indoors is trying to reconcile the fitness that you know you have on the open road with what you are doing for your workouts on the treadmill. There are fancy formulas and lots of tips are there to help you do the fuzzy math, but there’s a better way. If you see a good amount of treadmill running in your future, do a proper test to remove all doubt.

● Use incline to your advantage

Running on a flat treadmill is to by all accounts that are similar to running down a slight decline on the open road. Combined with the treadmill’s inertia, you’d be tempted to over-stride a bit and lose your natural running form. The natural tendency is used to increase the speed to improve on the treadmill.

Importance of treadmills

The most popular trend and hobby are to keep using treadmill which takes place at gym, offices and even in the home also. The treadmill is a relatively easy piece of exercise equipment to use so this helps you to decrease the amount of cholesterol in your blood and everybody known that too much cholesterol can be dangerous for the heart and arteries. The equipment is virtually maintenance free, and designed to promote your fitness. The Treadmill is a good choice to begin a new exercise routine because walking is well tolerated by more individuals regardless of fitness level.


A large selection of exercise equipment has come for fitness with the help of the treadmill. It might feel safer and more controlled. Running on a treadmill generally burns calories faster than most other forms of home exercise so this equipment is most useful to those who want to keep their body fit.

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  • ya its a great machine to have at home though i prefer to go outside for a walk its not always an option due to weather or i just dont feel like dressing up haha

    • Author

      I myself prefer to go for a walk outside. Treadmills for me is the second option.

      Thanks for writing in!

  • Hi Sonal,

    I love treadmills! I go to the gym and do weight training there, but yet there is a space for treadmills when I do my cardio training. I use a treadmill for 20 minutes after my weight training session to burn more fat.

    Thanks for sharing, Sonal!

    Have a nice weekend ahead

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      Hi Andrew

      Thanks for sharing your schedule. I hope you will give some more tips to my readers.

  • Very helpful and informative article. Few years ago i didn’t know about its benefits but when i used it for couple of years then i realize that it has many benefits.
    I think as far as exercise equipment goes, treadmills are one of the easiest to use. And if some person worries about uneven terrain or has trouble walking uphill, the treadmill’s surface is flat and predictable. By using it we don’t have to worry about curbs, trails or sidewalks. Part of the reason why people love treadmills so much is because they’re easy to use. Keep it up
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      Hi Mark

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  • thanks for sharing sonal

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