8 Household Chores with surprising Health Benefits

8 Household Chores with surprising Health Benefits
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Not all of us enjoy doing household chores — that’s a given.

But what if I tell you that there are many health benefits to them than just making your home clean and presentable?

Simple household tasks such as washing your dishes, making your bed etc can boost happiness, lower anxiety and protects you from heart diseases. Once you realize this, your to-do list will get a make-over – it will not be the same again.

Juggling between office and home leaves us with no time for ourselves. Our workout schedule takes a back seat, thus, leading to weight gain.

So the best resort is to have a workout plan wherever we are, at our office or at our home. Doing household chores gives us this chance to exercise while mopping, cleaning, ironing etc.

Household Chores with surprising Health Benefits

Let’s take a look at some daily household chores exercises and the health benefits it offers.

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1. Make your Bed and Boost Productivity

Make your Bed and Boost Productivity household chores

Our nagging moms are right when they ask us to make our bed every morning. Studies reveal that people who make their beds each morning are more productive throughout the day and also feel a greater sense of well-being. They feel a sense of accomplishment when they make their bed every day. Such people are more active and feel energized rather than being groggy. Leaving the bed a shabby mess will add unnecessary stress to your day.

So next time don’t hesitate to make your bed!

2. Clean your Yard and Prevent Heart Attack

Clean your Yard and Prevent Heart Attack household chores

Leave your vacuum cleaner aside and clean up your yard yourself.  As per a Swedish study of 3,800 older adults, people who do the most yard work, household chores, DIY projects have nearly 30% lower risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke, as compared to those who are living a sedentary life. In addition, freshly cut grass releases a certain chemical that makes people feel joyful and relaxed. So while you are spending time outside sweating and re-hydrating your body is flushing out all of the toxins.

Isn’t this going to motivate you!

3. Wash your Dishes and Reduce Anxiety

Wash your Dishes household chores

A recent study of 51 people at Florida State University’s psychology department revealed that cleaning your plate mindfully can reduce your nervousness levels upto 30%. When you clean your plates, you focus on the smell of the soap, the water temperature and the touch of the dishes. People who do not wash dishes by their hand do not experience this calming advantage. Additionally, washing the dishes does not require a lot of concentration, so while your hands are busy, your mind is free to wander.

Feel the calming effect!

4. Grow Flowers and Vegetables and Lower Risk of Depression

Grow Flowers and Vegetables household chores

Sounds strange! But it’s true. A study conducted in Norway took a faction of individuals who were diagnosed with different types of depression to a garden and asked them to spend around 6 hrs each week doing gardening. At the end of a few months, these people noticed a remarkable improvement in the symptoms of their depression.

An additional benefit: healthy vegetables from your own garden!

5. Remove Kitchen Clutter and Lose Weight

Remove Kitchen Clutter and Lose Weight household chores

A recent study revealed that people with a tremendously messy home are around 77% more likely to be overweight or obese. The reason is that in a cluttered kitchen, you cannot make healthy eating choices. Organizing guru Peter Walsh, author of Cut the Clutter, Drop the Pounds, has been inside of hundreds of people’s homes. He says once people get finally get organized, they tend to experience a number of other unexpected perks, including weight loss, without strict dieting!

Out of sight, out of mind!

6. Use a lemon cleaner and Be Happy

Use a lemon cleaner and Be Happy household choresAccording to a 2014 Japanese study, a citrusy scent is an effective mood booster, When participants of the study spent around ten minutes inhaling yuzu (a super-tart and citrusy Japanese fruit), they saw a considerable decrease in their overall mood disturbance, a measure of tension, anxiety, depression, confusion, fatigue and anger.

7. Mow the lawn and Feel Joyful

Mowing lawn household chores

There’s something to that grassy scent. Australian researchers discovered that a chemical released by freshly cut grass makes people feel more relaxed and more joyful.

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8. Share Chores with your spouse and have a Better Sex Life

Share Chores with your spouse household chores

When men perceived their contribution to household chores as fair, couples have more frequent and satisfying sex, according to a 2015 study from the University of Alberta. “If a partner isn’t pulling their weight in housework, either one will have to pick up the slack, or the chores will remain undone. This will develop tension and bitterness in the relationship, which will transfer into the bedroom,” according to MedicalDaily.

Follow these tips to get the best out of your household chores fitness regime.

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  • Hi Sonal,

    Good lifestyle tips with links to authority references to back them up. That’s good reporting my Friend!

    While I’ve never noticed the link between lemon scents & mood change, nor have I ever let my kitchen become cluttered, your other 6 tips I’ve practiced (innocently) for years. They do give off the benefits, and more, that you’ve mentioned here.

    Really dig your writing style & like your blog’s design.
    Edward Thorpe recently posted…5 Important Factors to Know about Cancer Patients and AddictionMy Profile

    • Author

      Hi Edward

      You write so innocently at times that it brings a big smile on my face. Thanks for it!

      Household chores have many health benefits but unfortunately we never notice them. I do all except washing the dishes.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Have a nice day!

  • Good tips Sonal,

    I have to say that I hate doing house cleaning but I don’t mind washing up. My husband insists on washing up after our evening meal and I dry because he says I’ve cooked the meal so he likes to do his share.

    Being ever mindful of toxic chemicals I would like to add that the benefits of doing household chores would be better when non toxic household cleaning products are used. Lemon scented products are great so long as they do not contain chemical fragrances, many of which are very toxic.
    Sandy Halliday recently posted…8 Easy Plant Food Swaps For DetoxingMy Profile

    • Author

      Hi Sandy

      As usual I would like to say the you always give us some great tips. You are absolutely right about toxic chemicals and we should try to avoid them as much as possible.

      coming to the household chores, personally I dont like washing dishes. Apart from that i can do everything.

      Thanks for sharing your insight.

      Have a nice day!

  • They do give off the benefits, and more, that you’ve mentioned here. Thanks for sharing your insight. Have a nice day

  • Haha I had a blast reading you post. I read it out loud for my kids and husband. The making you bed part for my son, dishes for my daughter, mowing the lawn for my husband and I took in the rest. Thank you

    • Author

      Hi Amaka

      Vow! You did the great job by dividing the work. after all it will benefit them only. Right?

      Have a nice day!

  • wow sonal, Relating the work with exercises and health benefits is great. I really like it. in office we work on systems by sitting on chair whole day, due to which weight increases. Exercise is must for the body to burn calorie. Here nice explanation how we can complete work and avail the benefit of exercises ..thanks for sharing
    sazia recently posted…Fenugreek-Cure Dandruff-Stomach disorders-Fever-Sore throat-Respiratory infections-Body odour-Bad breathe-DiabetesMy Profile

    • Author

      Hi Sazia

      You are very right, sitting on the chair and working whole day leaves us with no time for exercise. But if household chores can help us do that why not go for it.

      Thanks for writing in

      Have a nice day!

  • Hi Sonar

    This is indeed so interesting to know that House hold chores could be beneficial to our health. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    • Author

      Hi Ikechi

      Its true that household chores have many health benefits. If we do all, we don’t need to exercise.

      Thanks for writing in

      Have a nice day!

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