World Health Day 2016: Beat Diabetes
World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7th April across the world. The day marks the beginning of World Health Organization (WHO). The aim of the day is to draw attention of the people towards important global health issues. WHO or World health Organization, is a working body under the UN which deals with… (5 comments)

Can Travelling improve your sex life?
Yes, travelling can improve your sex life. Want to know how? Just read on….. Recently, a study was conducted in Britain which suggested that travelling not only improves your health but also helps to lose weight and gain confidence. Moreover it makes you feel younger and also increase your sex drive. Isn’t it great news… (9 comments)

Health Benefits of Blood Donation
The spider bite will not transform you into a Superhero but the prick of a needle can. Each time you donate blood, you save upto three human lives. Here is some more amazing news for you! Donating blood is not only beneficial for the person on the receiving end but there are many health benefits… (7 comments)

Health Budget: Key focus of Delhi Government
While India has the fastest growing population, and a motivated growth ambition, it has always had an unreasonably small health budget. Good health should be significant enough to be a national goal in itself. Delhi government this year has decided to increase its health budget, strengthen medical facilities and thus invest in human resources. The… (5 comments)

Football reduces risk of Heart Diseases, Diabetes
Most of you love watching football ….right? When the football fever takes over, people are just glued to their television sets. Why not experience the benefits of playing the game rather than just watching it. What does playing football exactly do? When you play football, there is a whole array of movements taking place such… (9 comments)

10 Tips for a Healthy Holi!
Holi is the most colourful and vivacious festival of India. While the bhang and gujiyas, dancing on Holi songs, the naughtiness and drenching in colours is great fun, the aftermaths can be dangerous. Many people suffer from skin rashes and eye allergy. So play a safe and a healthy holi! Earlier, people used to play Holi with… (8 comments)

Retirement boosts positive changes in Lifestyle!
What is retirement – it is a road from one lifestyle to another. Can retirement bring about positive changes in the lifestyle of elderly? Yes it can. There is a famous saying, “While there are lots of books available on retirement, the only book that really matters is the one that you write yourself!” Contrary… (7 comments)

10 Diabetes Myths Busted!
Can people with diabetes eat potatoes? Is your blood glucose affected by fruits and veggies? Is drinking alcohol safe for diabetics? These are some of the questions that pop up in the minds of people with diabetes. As per the latest statistics, around 65 million Indians suffer from different levels and different types of diabetes.… (15 comments)

9 Healthy Eating Tips from Around the World
A glass of red wine or a spicy cuisine… A traditional Chinese diet or a rich French meal….. Variety is the spice of life and the essential ingredient to stay healthy. Want to look young and feel lively and active? The solution lies in the diverse healthy eating habits of people around the world. By… (47 comments)