10 Best Fitness Trackers 2016: Garmin, Fitbit and more
If you want to move more, sleep a little better and improve your overall health, a fitness tracker is a must for you. At the same time, picking up the best fitness tracker to spend your hard-earned cash on is a mind-boggling task. Search for “fitness trackers” on Amazon.in, and you’ll get, oh, 27,049 results and on Amazon.com 51,396… (13 comments)

Stay Fit and Healthy – Hot Tips!
Want to know how to stay fit and healthy? Read the post to check out some hot tips! Who on earth doesn’t want to stay healthy and have that hot, sultry figure? Unfortunately, most of us either fail or tend to ignore the essential criteria for a long, fit and a healthy life. The secrets… (17 comments)

7 Yoga Poses to reduce Belly Fat
Yoga means to unite the mind, body and the spirit. It not only burns calories and tone your muscles but is a complete mind-body workout. Yoga is a combination of stretching poses and meditation. What gives rise to the flabby tummy – a flawed lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, no exercise, and extreme level of stress? The wider is… (10 comments)

7 Best Fitness Apps to Achieve your Goals
The New Year has begun and it’s time to start thinking about your health seriously. Fitness is now available at your fingertips – thanks to the abundant fitness apps and workout apps available on your phone. Staying healthy and in shape is what everyone desires for. Being fit reduces all the negatives such as cholesterol… (12 comments)

Slow down Aging  and look Young!
Aging is inevitable and inescapable. Most of you might think that age is just a number. But it is something you cannot do away with. It happens to each and every one whether in your 30s or 40s or beyond. For a friend of mine the moment came when she was just 29. I met… (26 comments)