8 Simple Tips to Lean Legs

8 Simple Tips to Lean Legs
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Every woman wants long lean legs. They are graceful, sexy, and strong. As sought after as they are, it’s no surprise that it can seem almost impossible for women to get these gorgeous legs. The simple anatomy of a woman makes losing thigh fat a difficult task. If you are one of the crowd of women that want to sculpt some leaner legs and want to know how to lose thigh fat, this article will give you all the information you need to get started.

8 Simple Tips to Lean Legs

Here are some simple tips to lean legs:

1. Sprint Your Thighs Off

You can get skinny legs by running miles and miles but if you want shapely, lean legs, you need to firm up the legs muscles like the calf, hamstring, and quadriceps. Sprinting short distances is one of the best ways to do this. Three times a week, perform 10 sprints of a distance of about 100 meters with walking in between to recover. You’ll notice a leaner shape in your legs in about a month.

2. Eat Right

This tip has probably been ingrained in you but only because it is fact. You can’t have a sexy, slim body if you don’t fuel it with the right nutrition. Flabby, cellulite ridden thighs are caused by excess fat in your body. You caused the excessive fat through your eating habits, which means you can be the cause of the loss of that excessive fat by reversing your poor eating habits. The power is in what you put in your mouth. The best way to lose fat and maintain lean muscle mass is through a diet with high protein and a rainbow of vegetables and fruits.

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3. Drink Up

No, I’m not suggesting that the trick to losing thigh fat is to get drunk. In fact, that will work against any attempts at achieving lean legs. You have to drink up your water! If you haven’t been keeping track of you water intake, you might want to start. Water is a vital part of your health. Not only does water help the body to function at its optimum level, but drinking water before meals can help you eat less.

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4. Don’t Be Afraid to Lift

Many women shy away from lifting weights because they are afraid of getting bulky muscles but lifting weights is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism and create thinner thighs and lean legs. You will shed fat faster while maintaining your muscle mass. This not only creates nice long, lean angles to your legs, but you will have an increase in energy and be able to finally open those stupid jars!

5. Plyometrics

This is a type of workout that includes jumping… a lot. It basically turns any body weight exercise into a jumping exercise and transforms a regular workout into a intense and effective cardio/strength workout. Moves like the jump lunge, jump squat, scissor jumps, and box jumps will all develop the type 2 muscle fibers in your legs.

6. Use the Stairs

Using the stairs whenever possible instead of the elevator will help you a little but using the stairs as a workout spot, that will help you a lot. Find a stadium or a place with plenty of stairs to use for quick stair sprints or double stair jumps. A fast paced 20-minute workout on the stairs will helps to get rid of any cellulite in your hamstrings and even give your rear a boost.

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7. Sleep Well

With all of this extra stress you are putting on your body by whipping your legs into shape you need to give your body rest. I bet you never knew that getting plenty of sleep, around 8 hours a night, would be a trick to losing thigh fat. It makes sense, though, that your body would need that time to repair the muscles you worked so hard. Don’t underestimate the need for adequate sleep in total body health.

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8. Portion Control

While number 2 stressed the need to watch what you eat, it didn’t comment on the amount of food you eat. While you can eat much more if you are eating healthy and working out, you still should be aware of how many calories you consume. Fatty, sugary foods will be turned into fat much quicker if consumed but you can still have excess fat in the body by merely eating too much, even if it falls into the category of healthy foods. Focus on eating slow and stopping when you feel full. You don’t have to count your calories, just being aware of them will help you to know when to cut down.

If you implement even half of these tips for lean legs and losing thigh fat, you will see a significant change in the shape of your legs within a month. The key is consistency and dedication. With these two qualities, you will be wearing short shorts and miniskirts without shame in no time.

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  • Great advice there is no cheat way to get awesome legs only hard exercise can get those stunning legs

  • Hey Sonal,
    Great tips here!

    Having lean thighs is not impossible like some think, it just require you to build lean mass and reduce the body fat percentage. And with your tips here, you made these two goals achievable.

    Thanks for sharing, Sonal!

    ~ Andrew
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    • Author

      Hi Andrew

      Thanks for sharing your views with my readers.

      Have a nice day!

  • Very good and useful information by this blog. Really thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Sonal!
    I appreciate all the valuable tips that you are sharing, nonetheless, I feel that one of them is impossible to follow for me: drinking water!
    As surprising as it may seem, there are people like me who don’t like to drink water. I have tried putting a little lemon on my water, boiling it and putting some cinnamon …honestly, I don’t know what to do to drink more liquids. Most of the time I just forget that I need to drink unless I feel thirsty, but honestly don’t feel the urge to drink more than half a liter of water a day. Any advice?

    • Author

      Hi Quinn

      There are many people i have seen who are not used to drinking water unless thirsty. what I would like to suggest is that keep a water bottle or any liquid you like right in front of your eyes wherever you are sitting. for instance, while working keep it on your desk, seeing in front of you, you will definitely drink it – either as an urge to drink or to give just a few seconds of break from work. When you go out, carry the bottle with you.

      I hope it helps!

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