Let Nature Be Your Physician: 5 Healthiest Vegetarian Foods

Let Nature Be Your Physician: 5 Healthiest Vegetarian Foods
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Are you looking to be your personal doctor? Do you constantly wonder which foods contribute to good health? Well, your answer lies in the most ordinary of foods, a fact that you will no longer ignore after reading this article.

A vegan diet is more of a lifestyle than a diet, and there is no going back. Like Bill Clinton put it, “You have to make a conscious decision to change for your well-being, that of your family and your country.” The vegetarian foods you choose every day should be able to maximize your chances of long-term survival. This article discusses the top five vegetarian foods, their health benefits, and dietary constituents.

5 Healthiest Vegetarian Foods

Here are the 5 healthiest vegetarian foods:

1. The Avocado

vegetarian foods

Also known as the alligator pear, this is fruit has 10 grams of fiber and comes naturally in its packaging. It has both the soluble and insoluble fiber. The insoluble fiber makes up 75 percent of the fiber content and is responsible for speeding up the process of food passage in the digestive system. The 25 percent soluble fiber that remains merely makes you feel full.

Avocados are known to have the monounsaturated fat that is friendly to the heart. Low cholesterol prevents such conditions as obesity, hypertension, and their fatal consequences. In fact, a whole standard size avocado has just 3 grams of carbs, making it one of the healthiest vegetarian foods.

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More important is their association with anti-aging effects in the human body. As inexpensive as they may be, avocados are known to aid the bodily processes that rejuvenate the skin, making it youthful. The nutrients responsible for the anti-aging effects include vitamins and healthy fat, which the avocado has in plenty.

Moreover, the avocado aids in the process of absorption of nutrients when taken alongside other foods such as salads or salsas. When having them with other foods, avocados can be used as the main ingredient and still achieve the dietary requirements.

2. Beat the C-word

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Nuts and seeds are some of the healthiest foods in the vegetarian diet. They have all the natural vitamins, fats, fiber, proteins, and minerals that are essential for an anti-cancer diet campaign. Your nuts of choice should depend on the nutritional content, the almonds being the most nutritious.

Almonds have the same amount of calcium as milk, with an addition of key elements such as magnesium, vitamin E, fiber, and selenium. A common query among most vegetarians is: how long does almond milk last? Under the refrigerated conditions, it can last up to a week. However, it requires constant stirring to prevent the solids from floating at the bottom.

Others such as walnuts contain ellagic acid, which is a vital antioxidant in fighting cancer. Seeds such as flax seeds have lignans that are also excellent antioxidants, which help fight cancer.

The Apricot seeds are known to be useful in cancer-fighting treatments. In fact, the pharmaceutical Laetrile is made up of Amygdalin or Vitamin B17 that is the fundamental constituent of Apricot seeds. Laetrile finds multiple applications and the most important one is in cancer clinics.

Most nuts and seeds form the primary ingredients for various meals of the day.

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3. Olive Oil

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This product of the olive tree has more applications than any other food on this list. It finds use in cosmetics, fuel, soaps, and cooking. Consumption of olive oil is most common in Greece, amounting to 24 liters per-person-per-year, and this region has the lowest rates of acute pancreatitis, liver diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease.

The chemical constituents in olive oil, especially the extra virgin olive oil includes hydroxytyrosol and oleic acid. Both compounds influence the development of acute pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas in a short span of time; a process called oxidative inflammation. Olive oil deters the oxidative inflammation process and prevents the chronic disease from occurring in the first place.

With the liver, it prevents damage that results from chemical processes. The liver’s chemical processes involve reactions between body molecules and free radicals, which can lead to cell damage. Other significant benefits of olive oil include prevention of some cancers, coronary heart disease, and modification of inflammatory and immune responses. Olive oil has the principal components necessary for use as the primary ingredient in any dietary plan.

4. The Secret to Weight Management

If you have involved yourself in any weight loss diet, the chances are that eggplants may have found their way to your plate at some point. Weight management experts commonly recommend it due to its minimized fats, calories, and high nutrient density. Eggplants are so delicious that they enable you to enjoy the tastiness and dietary benefits of foods such as chicken without having to break vegan rules.

An eggplant diet is an ally for you since they aid in indigestion, fight cellulitis, regulate cholesterol, and prevent fat absorption. They also prevent free radicals from attacking the body cells, making your liver healthier. An eggplant meal also acts as a laxative due to its fiber content. Its weight-loss characteristics come from the element Saponin, which reduces the fats that your body absorbs.

Eggplants can be used as the main ingredient as eggplants are major constituents in any dish from Asian to Italian cuisines.

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5. Back to the Basics

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Simple as they sound, the eggs are the vegan’s secret to health and a full stomach. The primary constituents of eggs are fats and proteins which are in plenty and inexpensive. Other importance nutrients in eggs include selenium, lecithin, and fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D, and K. Additionally, they contribute to minerals essential to the body such as zinc and iron.

Your body can only synthesize some amino acids, but the eggs are the complete source of proteins. The protein content in eggs is vital, and you need not supplement your diet with additional protein rich foods. Therefore, eggs can be used as the main ingredient and still help you achieve your dietary goals.

Summing Up

The types of food you have usually influence your health, personality, financial expenditure, and your attitude towards life. As such, ensure you analyze, quantify, and prioritize everything that makes your meal for every day. Some of the best foods to try out include avocados, nuts and seeds, olive oil, eggplant, and eggs.

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  • Hi Amelia,

    Nice to see you here at Sonal’s blog. Indeed, food plays such an important part in our health. I’m crazy about avocados! I like to eat them for breakfast.

    A healthy balance of veggies, nuts and fruits are a great diet to be on. I’ve been a vegetarian for many years and can feel the difference if I eat a processed food.

    Keep on educating!


  • Hi Amelia & Sonal,

    Don’t know about being my own doctor, but I agree with your foods of choice listed in this post.

    I’m a big fan of avocados and sometimes eat them as a stand alone snack.

    I’ve also used a lot of extra virgin olive oil too. Anyway, excellent information here, thanks, Edward
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  • I quite literally eat everyone of these foods. They are all so delicious and wonderful for you.
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    • Author

      Wow Elise its great that you eat all of them. You must be the healthiest one then!

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  • Thanks for this wonderful post! I think I consume most of these in my daily diet 🙂

  • Hello Sonal,

    Great tips here 🙂

    Food is one the most important role p-layer in our day to day life. We want to stay fit and healthy after sitting
    half ofour day in front of our computers, thinking about some new ideas, tactics to promote our niche. So it’s
    very important to be fir and manage our diet plans.

    No doubt fresh veggies are quite helpful in providing us the minerals and vitamins our body need.

    I love avocados and olive oils, just it has far more health benefits than any of the things. I have been using
    Olive oil for cooking since few years and the result are totally satisfying.

    Thanks for the share.
    Keep Writing.

    • Author

      Hi Shantanu

      First of all thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views. Its very true that we all keep working day and night and just ignore our health all together. But if we include these foods in our diet, they can do wonders to our health.

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  • Hi Sonal, I am everyday consumer of eggs. I must mention i just love eggs. Lately i am also trying to involve Olive Oil in my cooking habits, soon i will be healthy consumer of it too. BTW you have shared some real Healthy Habits. Will keep an eye on your blog. Thanks, Shivam

    • Author

      Hi Shivam

      Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your wonderful feedback. Unfortunately I don’t eat eggs but I do eat other healthy foods mentioned in the post.

      Keep writing in

      Have a nice day!

  • Enjoyed your post. While many of these foods are already in my arsenal (so to speak) I can’t even remember the last time I had eggplant, but I’m almost positive it would have been smothered in sauce and cheese at the time. I’m going to make a point of doing some research to come up with a few healthier recipes to try. Thanks!
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  • Great share, thank you. I love avocado and nuts but seeds don’t float my boat. I notice you mention eggs in relation to a vegan diet, but vegans don’t eat eggs. They don’t eat anything at all that comes from any animal. You may have meant to say vegetarian.

    Enjoy the journey!

  • Thanks for the info keep it up….

  • Hi sonal,
    This is the first time that I have visited your blog.
    Unlike most of the health bloggers out there, your writing really makes sense.
    It is also easy to understand.

    I also liked that you have not mentioned any references in your blog. aA blog should be different from scientific literature.
    keep up the good work.
    god bless
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      Hi Dhruv

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your wonderful feedback. The positive words of encouragement really helps.

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  • Hi Sonal,
    YAY! I am on the right track.. love everything you listed – except eggs LOL. BUT I am working them into my diet. Wonderful post .. thank you 🙂

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      Hi Lesly

      Same here, i eat everything mentioned except eggs as i am a pure vegetarian.

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