20 Signs You should Marry your Boyfriend

20 Signs You should Marry your Boyfriend
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Is your boyfriend husband material?

It’s a little tough to answer.

How do you know he is the one you can count on?

Is he the one who will wine and dine with you even after you have been together for years?

Is he the one whose happiness and problems are yours and vice versa?

Can he understand your obsession with playing games on the phone?

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So how to find your Mr. Right? It was so much easy in the fairy tales – just kiss the frog and he turns into a tall, dark and handsome man.

Your prince charming!

But in reality things just don’t fall into place. The real world is far more complicated than the fairy tale world.

You have a boyfriend – but you don’t know if he is the right one for you. Can you spend your rest of the life with him?

Or the one you broke-up with was the right one? Hair-pulling question!

Life is a battle and the person with you should be willing to fight that battle with you – someone who is there for you day and night, at best and worst.

20 Signs You should Marry your Boyfriend

Here are some signs that will help you know if you guys are bound for life or not.

1. You and your boyfriend have similar long-term goals. These goals could be both professional and personal such as having a house or travel all over the world etc.

long-term goals boyfried

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2. Both of you like each other’s families. This is essential because his or her family will be a part of your life. He talks to your family members without hesitation and you can go and meet his mom even when he is not around – are signs that he or she is perfect for you.

3. He boasts about your achievements.Whether you get a promotion or just win some movie tickets, he is the first one to brag about it to everyone before you even think to talk about it. He thinks you are talented and astounding and gorgeous, and goddamn, everyone should know about it.

4. You miss him when he is not around. No doubt at times you want to spend some time alone but so is the desire to giggle and talk with the most important person in your life at the end of the day.

miss your boyfriend

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5. Your boyfriend can sacrifice anything for you. Also you are happy to sacrifice for him. He will move with you if you get a job transfer. By the same token you are also ready to make a move if he gets the opportunity.

6. He accepts you the way you are without trying to change you. The fact that you are messy or love having pets around or don’t know how to cook – all of them doesn’t bother him.

7. Both of you share the same values and point of view. For instance you agree with him that you should spend some time working out daily to stay fit or at a bigger level you guys plan to buy your own home in next couple of years. In short, both of you are at the same page with things that are important.

8. It’s been years that you are together but he still loves to do small chivalrous things for you. Like he will open the door or pull out a chair for you, he will lift you up and carry you when your feet are tired because of those high heels you were wearing throughout the day.


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9. You don’t always have to look nice for him. Obviously you love to dress up for him and look good but what I mean is that you guys can be messy with each other and laze around. You don’t have to be proper all the time with him and don’t have to think twice to be yourself.

10. He is the one with whom you can share anything and everything in the world. Whether it is about your work or your friends, you always have a story to tell him. No doubt you share things with your best buddies but now not as much as with your boyfriend. When you hear a cheesy love song, you automatically think of him. From what he ate to what he is doing, you want to know all.

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11. He likes your craziness. If your boyfriend is the husband material he will stick around with you even when you are totally foolish or downright bitchy.

12. He is ready to try everything with you. Suddenly one day you decide to go for yoga classes. If your boyfriend is the husband material he will accompany you, even though he hates yoga and collapses after every pose. But at the end of the class he will be proud of himself as a warrior and will thank you!

yoga-class with boyfriend

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13. He shares the same idea of romance as you. Whatever your idea of romance is – candlelit dinners, long drives or cuddling in bed – he shares it all and will go an extra mile to fulfill your desires.

14. If your boyfriend is husband material, he won’t hesitate in pouring his heart out. He trusts you and will connect with you at an emotional level. He will not shy away from showing his softer side. You can also cry in front of him. At times something frustrates you and you just need to vent it out. He doesn’t get angry even if you shout at him.

15. He cares for your friends. If your friend is in a problem, he will ask you to go and spend time with her and help her in sorting out the problem. He may also ask you to invite her over dinner and you guys discuss things together. If he hasn’t heard about your best friend for a while, he asks about her.

16. He loves his job, but still you are his priority. If you ask him to accompany you to an event, he won’t give any second thoughts and will find out a way to get out of the office and be with you. Just the way you will do for him!

accompany you to an event

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17. Out of the blue, he tells you that you look sexy. Moreover it’s on the day you haven’t put your makeup or looking clumsy or still in your pyjamas. He simply loves you!

18. He is not jealous and trusts you.

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19. You have been through tough times and blowouts together. Spending life together is not only about snuggles and kisses. It is essential to realize that you two can get through disagreements before you decide to marry.

20. You just know it that he is the one. Maybe one day you are really annoyed and angry with him, you remember just one of these things he did for you and there is a sudden wave of love over your face for him. When your boyfriend is the husband material, you just know it.

We all are chasing that one thing which is above money and power and that is LOVE. You feel protected in the arms of your lover and that is your Mr. Right.

So how many signs do you see in your boyfriend? Do share it!


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    • Author

      Hi Clementia

      Thanks fro visiting my blog. Glad that you liked it.

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  • Hi Sonal,

    What great advice! So many people either don’t think or think too much before entering marriage. Guess this is why there is such a high divorce rate here in the U.S. One must think of these things to have a lasting life together.

    I do like #2 because family issues can put a strain on a relationship, On the other hand, if you both like each other’s family, it can enrich the marriage.

    And of course, he must love our craziness lol!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…10 Ways To Make Your Blog SocialMy Profile

    • Author

      Hi Donna

      I am the kind of person who thinks too much before taking any decision. These small things are really important to consider while taking the most important decision of your life.

      Ya its true family issues dio put a strain on a relationship so it is important to keep the family of other one also happy.

      Am glad that you liked the post.

      Have a nice day!

  • Hi Sonal,

    It’s my first time in your blog,I like your blog with such great articles you have here.Anyway those points you mentioned are totally right but I thing love doesn’t follow any rules it just happen automatically kinda,that’s why there is such sayings like Love is Blind.So I guess to marry someone love is the key point rest are just some additional 🙂
    DEBARPAN MUKHERJEE recently posted…Step by Step Guide to Make Money BloggingMy Profile

    • Author

      Hi Debarpan

      Thanks fro visiting my blog and sharing your vies. You are right that love is the ultimate thing. But marriage is the most important decision of our life and there are certain things we need to consider before saying yes. True that love is the key to everything.what better than marrying a person you love!

      Have a nice day!

  • Great Article Very Enjoyed while reading you know i am eating Popcorn while reading Thanks For This awesome article keep Sharing 😀

    Kind Regards
    Ceo Clubsideeffects
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  • Hi Sonal

    Wonderful post and these tips are so true. I had so much fun reading this post. I do hop that singles will learn from this post. It will reduce the high divorce rates. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    • Author

      Hi Ikechi

      Great to know that you enjoyed reading the post. Yes these are some of the points that one needs to consider – after all marriage is a big decision. Whats the point regretting later on?

      Have a nice day!

  • Hi Sonat, you had a nice and informative article here. This would help ladies in knowing if their man is their Mr. right and also guys will learn to behave to their ladies. Had a nice time reading the article.
    Best Regards,
    Hadharm Hiidee
    Hadharm Hiidee recently posted…The Powerful G700 Lumitact FlashlightMy Profile

    • Author

      Hi Hadharm

      Thanks fro liking the post. I hope these points help the singles out there to make a right decision.

      Keep writing in

      have a nice day!

  • Hello Sonal,

    I love points 1, 3, 6, 10, 11, and 19. I mean, if a girl accepts my craziness (I can be crazy at times. lol), have similar long term goals (means we probably speak the same language), and she boasts about my achievements etc, why on earth would I not want to spend everyday with her forever?

    I mean, it seems you wrote this for women, but it does strike a lot of points with me though I am a guy. Lol


    • Author

      Hi Toby

      Yes you are right that I wrote it from the viewpoint of a girl but am glad that you enjoyed it. More or less the things are the same for both sides. We want the other person to accept us the way we are.

      Thanks fro the word of encouragement

      Have a nice day!

  • Hi Sonal Talwar, Wonderful post …but is it possible to find all these qualities in a boy friend..I listen after marriage they change completely..Before marriage they pretend to be so good i have seen such families where love marriage breaks due to small reasons and ego. Can you please through some light on it..Thanks for sharing.

    • Author

      Hi Sazia

      Yes it is possible to find such qualities in a boyfriend. If he truly loves you he can go to any extent to keep you happy. The fact about breaking of a love marriage – well i have seen many of them being successful in my family. at the end of the day marriage is a gamble – even arranged marriages tend to fail so no one can guarantee that.

      Thanks fro writing in

      Have a nice day!

  • Hi Sonal!

    I really liked your post. The title sounded so interesting that I read the post, even I am married for 17 years. You created a great selection of important topics. I think people should think about them and also should stay away from marriage if too many of the points are missing in their relationship.

    As a married woman, I can still relate to most of your points and am a little proud that 3 and 11 are very present in my hubby.

    Keep it up, Ilka

    • Author

      Hi Ilka

      Good to see you after a long time. Am glad that you liked the post. I feel that these points are really important to think about when you atke the most important decision of your life – of marriage. It should not be taken in haste.

      I wish you keep having a loving and a great life

      Have a nice day!

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